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[Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan


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Oct 9, 2010
Man some of the stuff they auction… who is buying Lamptey’s worn training shorts?! 0 bids right now so maybe truly nobody but what an odd thing to auction.

Presumably the money goes to charity? I didn't see any reference to that on the club site though
In Japan, a few channels such as SPOTVNOW and Ameba are broadcasting EPL games including Brighton's games. Mitoma is big in Japan, so soon after each game ends, they upload "Mitoma Cam" videos onto Youtube. Here is the Mitoma Cam of today's game. Btw, I like the Mitoma involved corner. Ah, the video is available in UK too?

I'm afraid not

How famous is Kyogo in Japan? He's massively popular with Celtic fans
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Jul 4, 2003
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Jul 6, 2003
If the club don't licence a huge number of pre-printed Mitoma shirts to be, er, printed, out East, then they'll have missed a major marketing trick. PBOBE OUT!

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