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[Sussex] Worthing - officially the best British seaside town to move to in 2023

Fignon's Ponytail

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Jun 29, 2012
On the Beach
Admittedly it was between '92-'96 when I was a student at Northbrook College & last properly frequented Worthing, but Ive always quite liked it tbh.
Thursdays were always good fun, with it being student night, & it felt like the whole college descended on the pubs & clubs, taking over most of the town centre.
My best mate (who grew up, & lived in, Shoreham at the time) has never left since we graduated - set up home / family there, & loves it.
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Sep 28, 2010
Soon to be far away.
I love reading all these local 'my village is better than your village' type things. It's a constant topic in my family.

I was raised in Eastbourne, went to uni and lived in Brighton, moved to London, then eventually came back to Brighton. I like Brighton just because it is the way it is but it has numerous faults like a lot of places. It works for me, and as someone who travels round the country a lot its always a nice reminder of how great sussex is as a whole to return.

My sister moved to Worthing and seems (like a lot of recent converts to Worthing) to have a constant chip on her shoulder about competing with Brighton. And never stops clattering on about coffee. Like it's the barometer of a good life. Who's arsed? If you like it in a place just like it. That said I personally find Worthing a bit depressing and if I was going to stay round here I'd much prefer Eastbourne. Or even the shabby oddness of Hastings.

As for Brighton, I see and hear how much it's been ruined by students and londoners visiting and that seems to be a fixed position of anyone who's ever lived here for over 20 years.

Wasn't the modern version of Brighton effectively invented by and for London visitors which changed the population and demographic of the city completely over the last 200 years? Brighton IS London influence. Before that it was a small fishing village.

And when I moved here in the early 90s for uni - there was huge amounts of all sorts of horrendous shabbily owned and erected student accommodation then which has been substantially improved.

In the two decade prior to that Brightonians I met of that era seemed proud of the radicalising effects on the identity of the city of students and youth movements, the particularly left wing element from Sussex Uni helping to create allies for the burgeoning gay scene. I wonder when they all became persona non grata? And whether people in Leeds or Lancaster say the same thing.

And for all of those remembering the precious byegotten days of growing up on Brighton estates with families and no students. If that's true then at some point it was those very same communities your parents and neighbours, and grandparents who personally benefitted from it all and took the council freebies off Maggie before flipping those family houses later to HMO developers before buggering off to Lancing / Bexhill / The Costa del Sol with the cash in your/their pocket.

And, for a bit of ex student solidarity balance, we live next door to a house with Chinese students in and we haven't heard a peep out of them in 8 years. Unlike the pissed up lairy 'local' troglodytes who live over the road.
That’s quite a sweeping statement, no? Tone made some fairly strong assumptions there I’d say.


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
It depends what you're looking for, surely? If you are looking for culture or cafe society then Brighton is indeed streets ahead. If you want a bit more space and like being able to get out of town in your car within half an hour, perhaps Brighton isn't for you. Personally I favour Eastbourne over Worthing but would be happy enough living in Brighton, Hove, Worthing or Eastbourne quite frankly - they all offer something a good standard of living but all have detractions.
Very reasoned and sensible.

You're new here aren't you 😂


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Jan 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
You need to get down Brooklands then Ian because you are talking nonsense… It’s brilliant. I saw a green woodpecker and a few people were commenting on the Reed Warblers that were around Yesterday - I was walking the mutt- of new paths, some imaginative landscaping. A few family picnic areas and a top notch looking kiddies playground…. If you go up the stream bit the carp are usually there waiting for food from the Teville stream to reach them.. The brand new cafe with outdoor eating and drinking space will open soon as well. Oh and leaving so much of the middle bit a low scrub is fantastic for all sorts. They’ve left plenty of old trees lighting about to start things going…. Get over the mini railway going mate.
Took the dog for a walk this morning and saw a red squirrel, buzzards,jays,peregrine, a seal and not a single person. Worthing won’t give you that, I know I was born and bred there, but I guess like anything else, your choice of a seaside town is very much down to personal preference.


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Oct 18, 2006
Took the dog for a walk this morning and saw a red squirrel, buzzards,jays,peregrine, a seal and not a single person. Worthing won’t give you that, I know I was born and bred there, but I guess like anything else, your choice of a seaside town is very much down to personal preference.
Where do you live ?


May 13, 2019
When I was at a party this Friday I overheard two girls discussing where they would go on holiday this summer. One thought about Greece, the other preferred Ibiza. With this thread in mind, I suggested they should go to Worthing. They asked if it is in California. Clearly a bit of promotion to do before the tourists come pouring in.


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Laura Mills isn't having any of this "best" business and has basically told The Sun the town is an utter shithole...

WORTHING was recently named the UK's best seaside town - but one disgruntled local says it has a horrifying dark side you won't see on picture postcards.​
Lifelong Worthing resident Laura Mills, 35, says the once thriving town has become a ‘complete dump’, with bored teens running rampage, stabbings and businesses boarded up.​



You can change this
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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Alex (from Lancing's excellent Perch and Worthing's Perch on the Pier) tweeted about it...

Laura Mills then responded by give PonP a 1-star review on Tripadvisor. What a stronge way to go about things.


Comrade Sam

Comrade Sam
Jan 31, 2013
Every half term we stay at my Dad's in Worthing. My wife tells everyone we're off to the 1950s. However, after a couple of visits to her friend in Horsham she has decided that in comparison Worthing is a multi cultural and diverse town.


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Sep 9, 2003
Thames Ditton
Left worthing at 21 in 2001... old man still lives in findon and whilst i can see worthing has improved... it's still not all that. I still rather go to Brighton, Chichester, Arundel or the country pubs around the south downs... basically anywhere other than worthing.
Moved to Worthing last September. Moved from Hove as simply couldn't afford to buy there. Genuinely liking it, other than train strikes! Really good pubs outside the town centre and seafront is lovely and less chaotic than B&H.

Hand on heart, if I could afford the same in Hove would I live there? Yes. But far happier than I expected. The Brighton migration has clearly influenced the culture.

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