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[Albion] West Ham away tickets

Is it PotG?

Thrifty non-licker
Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea
Not been to the London Stadium before. What’s the best block to aim for?
Don't forget your opera glasses


Colonel Mustard

Well-known member
Jun 18, 2023
Don't forget your opera glasses

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Yeah, there are only upper rail seats available at the moment so I'll hang on to see if some lower down are released. I'm not that bothered. I just wanted to visit a ground I'd not been to before but it's not essential.

Iford Albion

Active member
Jul 30, 2017
A couple of dozen seats currently available.
Nabbed 2 together for me and one of my sons thanks. Horrible stadium which I have been to quite a few times including our run of wins there… Only going because I live in east London. Still resent my council tax being used to fund it.

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