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[Albion] Team for Burnley game


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Jul 8, 2022
You seem to have forgotten that RDZ ignored his conditions and played him for 90mins+ just before the International. It was JFA that stepped in, and stopped RDZ from exploiting him, otherwise RDZ would have insisted on playing him.
Against Brentford RDZ ignored advice again and used him for full mins. I cannot but think something is wrong with RDZ.

Please tell me why he is so obsessed. A lack of confidence in himself, or other players?
Hey, Mont-Colt65 San. He's the manager. He picks the team he wants.

And as far as I know De Zerbi was a number 10. So definitely has less confidence in himself on the left wing than Mitoma.

Mitoma was rapid, busting a gut and playing with his head up and full of it against Brentford. So if he was being 'exploited' to the tune of 60 large a week. Someone forgot to tell him.

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