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[Albion] Simon Adingra - 20 year old Ivory Coast forward - Signed 24/06/2022

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Dec 29, 2011
He's not ready get, completing his loan would be more beneficial. With Mitoma and Ferguson now in the mix, Trossard leaving won't be a huge loss.


Brighton born & bred
Oct 20, 2022
Just based on this one promo - He doesn’t seem to have Mitoma’s balance imo but incredibly fast sprints on the breaks and physically looks steam-roller powerful and very agile, so would be useful against tall defenders - be interesting to see how he pans out - worth watching.
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Papa Lazarou

Living in a De Zerbi wonderland
Jul 7, 2003
He doesn’t have Mitoma’s balance imo but incredibly fast on the breaks and physically looks steam roller-powerful, something we are maybe lacking a little of still - worth watching.
He is quite a bit younger, so there is time to develop in those areas.


Jul 8, 2022
Looks as good as Mitoma did at USG:

Blimey. He looks good there. I suppose it depends on whether they were considering integrating him in the summer. If so maybe a few months early wouldn't hurt. We will be light if Tross goes.

I like that little chop he has that seems to catch everyone out. Like Mitomas trademark little slowdown step/dummy before breezing past you. It looks like you SHOULD be able to stop it but no one can figure out quite how


Jan 13, 2010
BGC Manila
Going to be very good but think he needs to see out the season playing every game then come back here to push for playtime. Enciso may need a loan next season I agree as looks more a squad depth option at this stage (nothing wrong with that). For now we need Enciso backing up occasionally and settling in the squad.

Additionally I'd probably predict our new Argie having sporadic minutes to mean we don't recall Adingra yet. Like Enciso he might get more from being in the UK/Brighton and focused on training and being ready, rather than playing too much until next year. They can split that depth role you want Adingra for for now.

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