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[Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended


Dec 1, 2003
Didsbury, Manchester
Halifax away midweek in around 2001 or 2002. It got called off as we arrived at the ground due to a waterlogged pitch.
It was towards the end of the season and there was fixture congestion and the rearranged game was on a Thursday night and I think we ended up playing 4 games in a week.
We went back up for the rearranged game and if my memory is correct we won.


Jan 30, 2009
Sin City
Behind closed doors friendly, 1978 maybe? Can’t remember anything about the match or opponents, other than we had a couple of South American trialists playing for us, Peruvian or Chile I think.

Mexican Seagull

Jan 16, 2013
Mexico City
in 69 or 70 FA cup replay against Walsall at Craven Cottage ended 0-0 but journey up hitchhiking after school with my mate Sandy was memorable for the guy that took us to Brentfords groundand the journey back on the train as a bunch of Albion supporters started to vandalise the coaches and we couldn't afford ticket all the way to Brighton, managed though to sneek off at Preston Park station


Jul 5, 2003
A few that have already been mentioned, Halifax twice in a week, Blackpool with no petrol, Norwich in the snow and a power cut.

But Walsall away for me in some random cup. Lost 5-0 with a team containing players I’d never heard of before or since.
Aug 4, 2006
Caledonian Cup in 1979

Brighton vs Kilmarnock - L on pens
Brighton vs Westham - W - 3-1

Maidstone vs Brighton - Bruno’s debut, think we only had about 100 tickets

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
27 September 1978

Gerry Ryan’s debut against Stoke - a 2-2 draw. The only goal I remember was by Teddy Maybank (not even certain about that)

Can’t have been more than 20 Albion fans there. I was excited/sad enough about Ryan’s debut to drive up to The Victoria ground alone to watch it. My car wouldn’t start after the game and I got a push start from some very helpful Stoke fans. Midweek and none of my mates were willing or able to come with me. My car got broken into the same night after I got back in the early morning and forgot to lock it

Screaming J

He'll put a spell on you
Jul 13, 2004
Exiled from the South Country
Been to several mentioned (Blackpool petrol shortage, Rochdale Bellotti protests, Halifax called off about half an hour before kick off just as we were leaving the Three Pigeons) but rarest probably away at Midhurst and Easebourne in the Sussex Senior Cup in December 83.

I remember Gary Howlett playing and scoring that game and I THOUGHT Gerry Ryan was playing too, but according to Carder/Harris he was wearing the number 9 shirt in what looks like an exciting 0-0 draw at Middlesbrough on the same day!

Oh, and we won 2-0 btw.


Dec 9, 2004
Langdon Hills
Stansted away - pre season friendly 2009 I think . Just after Adams took over for the second time. The only time I’ve been at a match where you’ve ordered food and they brought it out to you in the ‘crowd’. Think we won 3-0

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Feb 28, 2009
A rainy Tuesday night at the Vetch, thought there were about twelve of us but counted 50 including the burger van queue! If the Wrexham game was when Lee Trundle scored I woz there.

Deadly Danson

Oct 22, 2003
Not actually an Albion game but Beitar Jerusalem v Wimbledon in the Intertoto Cup at the Goldstone in July 1995. 0.0. Possibly the worst game of football I've ever seen.


Nov 10, 2003
1992-ish pre-season friendly: Westham (that's the place in West Sussex not the 'ammers) vs Brighton - So rare that me and a couple of mates sat on the side of the pitch to watch. Dean Wilkins said a friendly hello when he came over to take a corner.

Also 1992: Brighton vs New Zealand at the Goldstone.


Nov 10, 2003
A rainy Tuesday night at the Vetch, thought there were about twelve of us but counted 50 including the burger van queue! If the Wrexham game was when Lee Trundle scored I woz there.

Not sure if it was the same match, but I remember watching us at the Vetch in the 1990s when there was so few of us in the away stand that we were able to run along the terrace parallel with the players to join in the pre-match warm up.


May 12, 2014
Brighton vs Barnet at Priestfield was pretty grim. Our lowest ever attendance. I can't remember anything of the game other than a strong memory of it being absolute dogsh** .

Randomly I remember a pre season friendly away to Bideford when Steve Gritt was in charge. John Westcott played like George Best in that game, and I remember being amused by graffiti on the back wall of the home terrace that said in large writing, "Bideford Skins". It's quite a surreal memory thinking back on that game.

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