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[Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended

Jack Straw

I look nothing like him!
Jul 7, 2003

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Brighton v New Zealand, I think it was a Monday night in the early/mid 1990s?

It's actually one of those things that I think I remember but, equally, my brain thinks I may have made it up. If anyone could confirm it actually happened, that would be great [emoji1360]

Reinelt 62

Jul 5, 2003
22 February 1969. Hartlepool away. Won 5-2 with 4 goals by Alex Dawson.

Regrettably, due to a surfeit of Cameron's Strongarm, I have little recollection of the game...

portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
Bolton away, Jan 1993 because you could count less than 100 on the away terrace (we did!). Everyone spent money at Old Trafford week before in the Cup!

Carrow Rd, May 1983 again hardly a soul because, yep, you guessed it everyone was getting ready for the cup final week later (plus we were already down)


Could have been?
Jul 7, 2003
In a pile of football shirts
The rescheduled York city game, following the Goldstone pitch invasion. Think it was like 11:30am on a Tuesday or something.

Was a Thursday I think , I managed it.

Also the cup game at Norwich called off due to snow and the under soil heating blowing up. We got freebie tickets for the midweek rearranged game, including a food voucher from Delia. Somehow we made it to both games.

portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
Blackpool away during the petrol crisis (2001?)

Now I know there was a good turnout of Brighton fans that mid-week night in Blackpool, but hearing stories on the terraces that night of cars / a coach having to turn back because they couldn't get any petrol on the long drive north - crazy times

I was there for that, never forgot journey home. M6,m40, 25 simply empty Mile after mile without seeing another headlight. I figured the Police wouldn’t be out wasting petrol so might have created a new land speed record from Blackpool to Haywards Heath. Guy sat behind me at Withdean missed the winner when went to the loo! And remember the Posh Spice is a…song, we went through the entire team - it was quite genius what someone would come up with for the next Albion player. You could hear the brains ticking before someone started the next version, this time featuring eg Paul Brooker. Halcyon Days!!


May 3, 2012
Blackburn away, Jan 2013, midweek - absolutely freezing. Lopez scored a penalty with the last kick of the game.

I think the away attendance was officially 110.


Many More Voting Years
Aug 10, 2007
Tuesday 29th October 1985

League Cup

Liverpool 4-0 Brighton

Most notable for the daunting journey of crossing Liverpool in the dark on foot to the railway station, unescorted, due to a national bus strike. Lovely, cheeky chappies those Mickeys!

big nuts

Jan 15, 2011
Two already mentioned, being the Thursday morning York game and the petrol crisis Blackpool away.

I was also there when Ross Johnson scored two goals in a match against Swansea away on a Friday night. Travelling support about 60. Coincidentally they were Ross’s only two goals for the club, which came in the same game.

A Swansea fan also tried to attack Micky Bennett during the match.

Rochdale away when our away support along with a fair few Rochdale tried to stop Bellotti getting on the team coach.


Northern Exile
Apr 2, 2009
Stockport & M62
I was there as well also suffering!

I was also there. That was the game that John Vinnicombe left early to catch the last train that would get him back to Brighton that night, and left the Argus phone line in the hands of Bill Wallis, uber-fan. We had a lift to Darlington station and John was a bit shocked when we met up with him and told him the final score!

Barrow Boy

Nov 2, 2007
I was at this one back in 1965, 4th Division and think it was against Blackburn Rovers, can't remember the score but I remember Norman Wisdom singing his re-write of the words to Sussex By The Sea at half time on the pitch.
(we got promoted that season).



Northern Exile
Apr 2, 2009
Stockport & M62
Away to Reading league cup about 1975 , a 0-0 draw

1974 actually. But which one? I went to Reading for the League Cup twice in a fortnight. Both were 0-0.
This was the first tie and then the second replay. Looking up the dates it was 21 Aug and 3 Sept.
No penalties in those days, just extra time and the next replay. We lost the next replay at home 3-2 on 5 Sept - only 2 days after the previous game.


Feb 1, 2009
Away attendance? I'm guessing less than 50?

Not the worst for away fans' numbers, I think. Around the same time (I was living in Liverpool) I went to an away match on a freezing cold day at Oldham. Looking around the almst empty stands, I spotted a couple of blue and white scarves away behind one of the goals.
I wandered over (you could go where you liked once in the ground in those days) and said hello, and that I thought it was a pretty good effort for them to come all that way on a foul day to support their team.
"No", they said, in just aabout the broadest Lancashire accents I've ever heard (I won't try to recreate their actual words here!), "we're Bury - we just come over to watch this f****** shower when Bury are playing away!"


May 23, 2004
Peterborough v Brighton U-21. 2-2 (4-5 Pen) in the Football League Trophy 9/10/18. Connolly scored and Ben White played. Was working in Peterborough at the time and from memory cost £5 so worked out well.

Apparently 1872 attendance with 42 Brighton fans. From memory I was just about the only away fan not related to one of the players.

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