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[Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended

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Publius Ovidius

Jul 5, 2003
at home
Newcastle away, midweek game, start of the 1983 cup run. 88 of us in the away end. More Geordies on the train back to London than there were of us. Got back to Brighton at 7.30. I think we slept at Gatwick Airport, and went straight to work.

We were two of the 88 that night!

Stat Brother

Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
Away to Huddersfield.
I think we won.
I also think Flash Walker scored.

There aren't that many who can confirm.

Curiosity got the better of me:-

Score 2-1 to Brighton and Hove Albion
Competition League Division 2
Venue Leeds Road, Huddersfield
Attendance 3,563

T'was a Wednesday night - 2 Unlimited were #1 in the hit parade.


Dangerous Idiot
Jun 21, 2012
Born In Shoreham
I remember an evening game at Mansfield a 3-3 thriller with only a handful of Albion fans to witness the event. maybe 87-88 season. Another was a demolition of Fulham away in the paint/milk cup.


Nov 1, 2013
Caledonian Cup in 1979

Brighton vs Kilmarnock - L on pens
Brighton vs Westham - W - 3-1

Maidstone vs Brighton - Bruno’s debut, think we only had about 100 tickets

I was there for that, first game at Maidstone's new ground. 5.0 to the Albion. CMS & Ashley scored from memory.
Friendly at the Goldstone v QPR. Game didn't take place but half a dozen of us turned up. Let in and met Pat Saward for a chat.

Was this the Pat Saward era? Because I remember a similar situation but it would have been Jan 1979 (FA Cup 4th round day, possibly as both us and QPR had been knocked out) It was announced in the “Stop Press” in the Friday Evening Argus. It was a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon, the gates to the west were open and there was 50-100 of us there but no match!
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Mar 18, 2022
North West Sussex
Oldham Athletic away,League Cup replay 1977. Half a coach load left the Goldstone to see us draw 2-2 , (we lost the second replay at the Goldstone 1-2) I took 2 days of work for it.

Thirteen of us on the terrace to see that game but not the smallest away "crew" I have been in, I was once travelling back through London and stopped off to see our reserves playing at Leyton Orient. A one man away crowd.


VERY part time moderator
All-powerful Moderator
Aug 8, 2005
The rescheduled York city game, following the Goldstone pitch invasion. Think it was like 11:30am on a Tuesday or something.

I was there too. Bunked off work with some kind of lame excuse. Surreal.

Pinkie Brown

I'll look after the skirt
Sep 5, 2007
Neues Zeitalter DDR
Albion v Oldham, League Cup second replay at Flibert Street, Leicester, 1977. In the days on endless replays. Lost 2-1 after extra time. Being the only one who'd passed their test at the time, I ended up driving my aging Morris Traveller with 3 passengers. Attendance was around 3000 of which several hundred or so appeared Leicester hooligans plus Oldham having their fair share too. Just two sides of the ground were open, the side with the main stand plus three enclosed pens behind the goal. Albion in one with Oldham and Leicester in the other two, the Leicester hooli's sandwiched between Brighton and Oldham in the middle. All three pens exchanging insults with each other alternately all night.

Was a quiet drive home. At least we didn't break down.
Mar 31, 2007
I was there too, went on the Special train, which was a bit sparse but carried the team too.

As we were early in Leicester & pubs didn’t open all afternoon, we had a huge football match in a park.


Monkey in a seagull suit.
Apr 24, 2004
Way out west
Sunderland away in about 1986 at Roker Park, there were about 50 in the away end (plus me and an elderly couple in the main stand), didn't see anyone else. I had travelled up on a Coach from London with a Sunderland fan from work...flippin long journey for a defeat, memory is starting to fade but I'm pretty sure Gary O'Reilly got sent off, which made a pretty difficult task even harder.

melias shoes

Oct 14, 2010
Norwich 5 Brighton 0, Zenith Data Systems Cup, November 1989.

Less than 100 Brighton fans - maybe less that 70. Did the conga round the terraces following a bloke with a pair of Norwich City knickers on his head, mate got nicked for peeing in public less than 100 yards from the Kermits. Beer, last train out of Norwich to London, walk from Liverpool St to Victoria in the middle of the night, night train to Gatwick, two hours kip in the check in bit, home.

They don't make 'em like that any more.

ken tiler

Nov 24, 2007
I dont know if reserve games count, but when I was taking a break between lectures whilst at uni at Falmer in the early 80s , I noticed a football match going on at the lower pitch adjacent to Falmer station. Some of the players and other people standing around looked familiar. It was in fact a reserve game between The Albion and Charlton. I found out later that it was Danny Wilsons debut game - cant remember the exact score, seem to remember a high scoring draw, perhaps. Cattlin and Bamber were standing on the touch line. Was this the first Albion home match at Falmer?

Mr H

Mar 8, 2012
1960 FA Cup 5th Round Away v Preston North End
Tom Finney in his last season.
38 years old, but still the maestro.

El Presidente

The ONLY Gay in Brighton
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 5, 2003
Pattknull med Haksprut
League Cup 1981

Away to Barnsley on a Tuesday night, Steve Gatting scored for us in the first minute and about 50 of us went quietly wild in the very small pen in which we were held.

Barnsley then scored four and it could have been twice that.

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