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[Other Sport] Have you ever won a competition?

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The Wookiee

Back From The Dead
Nov 10, 2003

Jul 7, 2003
I won £750 on a TalkSport cash giveaway in 2007
2nd prize Withdean Wager of a tour
3rd prize Withdean Wager of a signed ball
Signed Euro 1992 England squad ball
A book from Danny Baker’s 5Live radio show in the mid 90s

And Joint winner of the 1988 Sports Personality of the Year at Portslade Community College

...and a professional footballer:whistle:
Jul 19, 2003
Won £125 back in the early 80s on the pools. My Brother in law however used to enter competitions like a hobby and won a fair few things. Two holidays a Hot air Balloon trip countless house hold appliances and cash.
I was the beneficiary of one of his wins. It was a flight in a Dakota which took off as part of the Biggin Hill air show. It included free drink and food and travel. Great day


Feb 13, 2011
I won a random spot prize for finishing the Newport 1/2 Marathon in 1985, at my first week of Uni.

A £20 voucher for Adidas trainers was presented to me by Sir James Saville, who called me 'professor'.

He was creepy as f.


May 25, 2007
Think I posted this already on a separate thread but I wasn't too bad at Kart Racing and won four club championships and one regional (North West) championship.

Mostly because my dad was an ex TT Racer and the Kart he prepared for me was much faster than most other peoples.

Still needed a bold and skilled driver of course (this is beginning to sound like the Lewis Hamilton Thread) :lolol:


May 3, 2012
I was regular winner in both Sack races as well as the 3 legged race with 44th Brighton Scouts & Cubs. More recently won a dubious Pineapple drinking mug as came second with my wife in a Salsa dancing competetion, which didn't end well as the Cuban judge took too much of a liking to me......

Oh yes - I'd forgotten Scouts Sports Day. I won (with a lad called Graham) the wheelbarrow race one year. He was a strong bugger, just basically picked me up and ran, and I just touched the ground now and then with my hands! And your second story reminds me I won the cold spaghetti eating contest in a bar in Cairns many years ago, and my mate simultaneously won the didgeridoo blowing contest - so we had two bottles of champagne to share with a couple of nurses.


Feb 17, 2005
Week in a luxury resort in Mauritius.
Two bottles of Famous Grouse and four crystal glasses.
These two for doodled answers on beer mat competitions.
1500 Oz dollars on the pools a long time back.


Jul 6, 2003
Back in about 1971 or 72 my brother and I won a talent competition at Butlins, and we got through to the national final (the winner got to go on Junior Showtime!). It also won us a free week's holiday at Butlins when the Finals competition took place. (As my Dad said: "Second prize was two week's holiday at Butlins!")

Anyway, we didn't win so we never enjoyed a glittering career starring in variety shows, panel games and pantomimes. However it was the first time I met the BHA legend Nigel Erskine, who had also won one of the qualifying competitions. Those of you who know Nige may find this impossible to believe but he sang a medley of songs from Oliver! and he had a lovely voice (although he too didn't win).


Sexy Pete... :D
Sep 16, 2011
Tickets to Victorious Festival a few years ago on Heart (When it was all local, won't listen to that shrieking munter and Jamie Theakston). Ended up not being able to go and sold the tickets to a mate for £50.

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