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Great Forgotten TV Programmes


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Sep 10, 2010
Big Train - absolutely brilliant! Many of the stars went on to bigger and better things, including Simon Pegg.....

Wanking in the office anyone? ???


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
The History Man c1980 ... was on late at night, don't remember the plot much but I do recall that to my teenage self it was wanking gold.

It was brilliant, Friday evenings BBC2. I’m reading the novel.

A parody of an early 70’s uni sociology lecturer who talked a very left wing game, but his real interest was screwing every female in sight and gossip/internal politics.


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Jun 26, 2009
Nathan Barley. It's totally f***ing Mexico!

A Charlie Brooker masterpiece, featuring a few surprises amongst the cast (e.g. Benedict Cumberbatch).

Hilarious, but also incredibly prescient

Van Cleef

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Jun 17, 2023
The Adventure Game. Cheapo sets, and they had to cross this space bridge at the end and avoid the invisible (to them) vortex thingy.

Peacehaven Wild Kids

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Jan 16, 2022
The Avenue then Maloncho
My youngest bro is obsessed with survivors. My guess is there must have been a fetching female actress in it :whistle:
If you’re talking about the original, the best looker in that was Carolyn Seymour (I think she was called) she was also the stripper that married Harold Steptoe in the movie version but then went off with (and I quote) “old oily”

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