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Great Forgotten TV Programmes


Sanity Clause
May 5, 2008

Greg Bobkin

Silver Seagull
May 22, 2012
Mooncat & Co
Waiting for God
Filthy Rich and Catflap

Jul 7, 2003
Some great (and not so great) old TV on Talking Pictures TV and also That'sTV.

Talking Pictures have tried to bring back the old Saturday morning TV from the 70's (the days before Swap Shop and Tiswas)

Been rewatching the first series of Thunderbirds recently which are still great stories.

Tried watching Larry the Lamb but that was just weird. They were also showing Runaround - whoever at Southern TV thought getting Mike Reid to host a kids show must have been drinking heavily as he obviously couldn't stand kids.

That'sTV were showing In Sickness & In Health - I was amazed at the some of the language still used in the late 80's on what would have been BBC1 primetime.


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Oct 18, 2006
Do you remember Dixon of Dock Green? That also tied in nicely after yet another Saturday afternoon at the Goldstone.
I loved that. He was still walking the beat at 80 😂
The character of George Dixon first appeared in a film call The Blue Lamp or Lantern.
He was shot and killed in it but recovered for the series.

wunt be druv

Oh bugger..!
Jun 17, 2011
In my own strange world
I have mentioned UFO before on another thread, but, I am mentioning it again just to enjoy the moonbase girls again!

Fignon's Ponytail

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Jun 29, 2012
On the Beach
It might've been mentioned previously on here, but this was a great kids drama in the late 80s that never seems to get talked about. Moondial.
Always found it a bit scary, but offset that by having a bit of a teenage crush on Siri Neal....


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