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[Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***


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Jan 26, 2012

Mike Small

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Dec 26, 2008
We have had the majority of the game and played ok but Villa are fine with that and have been so direct and clinical against our powderpuff defence.

RDZ should have played a far more understrength side midweek. Estupinian couldn't sort his feet out that first half.
Referee and VAR have given everything to them. 2nd could have been disallowed. 3rd was a foul but don't blame VAR for not intervening. Konsa should have been sent off and what the f*** is Mitoma doing getting a yellow. It's not even a foul.
Too lightweight in midfield. Hinshelwood was ok but what is he doing playing that far forward. Bizarre.
Mitoma diabolical final pass or shot.
March looks shot of confidence since coming back. What's with that wierd way of heading.
No clean sheets all season. I love De Zerbi ball (sod draws when you get 3 points for a win) but we have to try harder to keep the ball out of the f***ing net. Too easy. It's like a training game for their forwards V the U21's.
Really dislike Villa but it's been too easy for them today.


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Aug 25, 2022
De Zerbi is having to play a lot of new players into his system and into PL experience. It’s going to take some time. On the plus side, hopefully Real will cross him off the list and once the likes of Baleba etc get up to speed, we’ll be flying.


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Oct 12, 2022
Do you really feel we are poorer than last season tho - I don’t. It’s this rotation thing -we are are creating two teams - bound to be teething problems, would be a total miracle if there wasn’t

I wonder about this too. If so, I hope the process doesn’t take too long.

If this is what the guvnor wants, I want him given the time and space needed to succeed, but in the short term it seems to have a negative impact on all our players, while they adjust to the ‘new normal’.

We are a good team with great players, but until you make 6-7 changes per match every match for months, are players negatively affected in the short term?


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Jul 12, 2005
Do we have a defensive coach?

10 games without a clean sheet isn’t acceptable.

I’m all for risk and reward football but our defending has been shambolic at times this season.


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Apr 13, 2016
It’s f***ing pathetic that people keep harping back to them like a long lost ex that binned us.

We aren’t saying these things when we are beating Newcastle and Man U or forgetting

It’s f***ing pathetic that people keep harping back to them like a long lost ex that binned us.

We aren’t saying these things when we are beating Newcastle and Man U or forgetting they were playing when we got hammered by Everton and Forest last year.
Your happy with our options in the middle then? We aren't weaker there than last season? If we had similar quality in the middle we would still get battered 5-1?
It's an embarrassment. It's ok to be p+ssed off the same it is ok to be positive too. United and Newcastle was with our best team, now we see what happens without depth. Sadly the fringe players aren't good enough to patch us up.
We've been s+it, simple as and our lack of depth in some positions is and will continue to hurt us.
Guess we agree to disagree.

Mustafa II

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Oct 14, 2022
I'm really struggling to make any sense of De Zerbi's decisions these days. He still has a lot to learn.

It's pretty obvious that he is trying to get the balance right between developing & resting our players, while getting results.

It's not an easy thing to do.

I'm sure this won't be the last performance like this during this long, congested season.

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