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[Football] You should be targetting top 4 this season, minimum.


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Jan 24, 2009
So should the Man City home game get moved we could potentially face Bournemouth, Chelsea, Spurs, Forest and Newcastle away before we play another game at home. It is a very big ask of any team to win five away on the spin. The league campaign is going to be very congested indeed. Why oh why are we having an international break? Especially when our Ecuadorian contingent have to go to flipping Australia.

I'm taking each league game as it comes and pinning my hopes on the cup instead.


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Apr 5, 2017
Anywhere in the top 7 would be marvellous.

I'd happily not get another point (providing the bottom three don't suddenly reach 39 somehow) for an FA Cup win though.


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Jan 7, 2010
Gods country fortnightly
A few months ago I'd say top 6, but looking at the way we're playing, who we've beat and who around us I think we are worthy of top 4.

Will need is bit of luck and also stay clear of injuries. Still incredible we're having this conversation at all

The Fits

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Jun 29, 2020
Massive, massive few games coming up. We shouldn't be surprised if we either win or lose them all. If we can get 8/9 (two draws two wins, three wins) from the next four we can really start to believe. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if we (narrowly) lose all of them though. Football is a funny old game

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