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[Albion] WSL Reading v Brighton and Hove Albion 14.00 ko.

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


May 23, 2016
Big goal for Brighton in the relegation 6 pointer Sari with the goal and Leicester losing to Villa is good news .

Live now on The FA player


Jul 13, 2003
Huge game - have to retain WSL status as a club - brilliant start, now hold on please girls!

Horton's halftime iceberg

Blooming Marvellous
Jan 9, 2005
Only saw the first half and could have been 3 or 4 up by HT. But yes in light of games in hand and Leicester being thrashed by Villa a very good away point.

We look a very good counter attacking side at present, creating a lot of chances. We have had a lot of players in and out and look a side in transition.

Tony will want to see improvement and development to end this season and into the next.


Oct 6, 2003
Just back from the match. Good from Brighton in the first half, second half Reading must had a rocket at half time and got two quick goals we could have won it 2-4 but for wayward shooting. Probably a draw was a fair result. Reading can stick their drum up their arse though.

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