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worst live band/performance youve seen?

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Feb 19, 2007
County town
Chicane @ scala instead of playing thier cool balaric beats he tried to be indie the crowd where horrorfied in the first half but played the balaric set in the second but had lost the crowd a shame but hey ho.

Saint Lennard

Prawn Sarnie Casual
Sep 30, 2004
Seafront shelters
MUMRA at the Concord. It was like watching some part time hippy session musicians lead by a constapated seal. UGLY!!!!!

Also saw them a couple of months ago at the old cinema in Bexhill. They were just as bad but this time pranced about like world beaters. Left half way through on both occasions!

Mar 31, 2007
I saw Slade at the Goldstone, although the video turned out quite good.

Was it Foreman or Frasier that was going to do a pop concert at the Goldstone? Thankfully it never happened.

fork me

I have changed this
Oct 22, 2003
Gate 3, Limassol, Cyprus
Can anyone think of a gig at the Brighton Centre that was not bad?

Yeah! Loads.

The Pogues were brilliant when I saw them there (88), the Beastie Boys/Run DMC tour - fantastic, Motorhead were brilliant this year supporting Alice Cooper (who was shit). The Kaiser Chiefs payed a stonking set there a couple of years ago as well. Actually, the Levellers gig in the 90s was good as well.

The worst I saw at the Centre was M People, truly awful (only went because I got a free ticket).

Worst band I've ever seen live (not including local bands - the worst of them was a band called Lo-Fi at the old Underground club in the 90s) was Tygertailz at a festival at the Mildenhall Speedway Circuit in the late 80s (headlined by Uriah Heep and Rory Gallagher). Pisspoor, it was a full on biker rock and blues festival, full of no-nonsense, no gimmick bands, then Tygertailz come on in stakk heels and spandex with a load of pyros (even though it was still daylight). The singer screamed "We're fucking Tygertailz" and the first bottle caught him nicely on the forehead just as he got to the z. The ONLY thing I'll say in their favour is they played their full set despite being under a barrage of bottles and assorted other missiles the whole time.

Most disappointing were Kiss at Donington '88. I had expected them to be a highlight of the day, but they were shit. It was at the time they took their make-up off and did "crazy crazy nights".


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
Saw the Stone Roses at the centre just prior to their breakup, basically just Ian Brown and some session guitarists - they were shocking, oh, and The Shamen at Radio 1 Roadshow

I don’t go and see Ian Brown solo anymore, gone off the bloke, I’ve seen The Stone Roses up and down the country several times over the years (inc this one) they’re usually shite but generally it’s a good day out. I was also a regular at Happy Mondays/ Black Grape gigs again, although a good night out it was pot luck if they were gonna be any good, however following that last gig at The Dome, I’ve retired from The Mondays.

The Charlatans and/or Tim Burgess solo are a different class altogether


Sep 11, 2011
N. Yorkshire
I've seen hundreds of bands over the years but last night was the most messed up on drugs performance I have seen of them all. Step forward Evan Dando.
Whilst his voice and playing were mostly on point he was clearly away with the fairies.
There was a guy right down the front for the support act getting really into it and at the end of the set he leapt over the barrier, losing a shoe in the process. I got a closer look, thinking he is going to get removed now. It was Dando.
He messed up the words a bit and between songs rambled on incoherently. It wasn't an awful show but it was a bit sad to see that he is presumably on serious drugs. I don't think he was just pissed and/or stoned.

bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
Simple Minds 1980 Jenkinsons Brighton.
The band didn’t seem interested and hard to believe that night that Simple Minds would go on to sell out stadiums a few years later.


Mar 23, 2012
had a conversation today at work during break about dodgy bands youve seen.i saw the style councils 2nd gig at the brighton centre in the mid eighties and i can honestly say that i walked out to the bar after 10 mins as they were that bad.
my mate said he saw the psyshedelic furs and they were appalling. just seeing if anyone had been let down by a bad performance or been forced to leave a gig early due to them being shite! your thoughts?
I think a few of our crowd left a gig early at Aldershot once as we all got arrested.

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