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[Misc] Window cleaners - wtf?


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Jul 14, 2013
I was surprised when a window cleaner mate told me how much he gets, he prefers commercial premises pubs that take 20 mins £70 he easily does two a day amongst other jobs and all get them cleaned weekly. No wonder he’s always off on holiday.
If you put your mind to it there is no reason to be skint in this country any idiot can clean windows. He lives in Shepherds Bush doesn’t drive and buses around West London with his gear.
How does he get a ladder on a bus? :smile:

He must be the only window cleaner that just does ground floor jobs if he uses the bus


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Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
Mine charges £20…..has been cleaning the windows pretty much since we moved in 26 years ago. Takes maybe an hour to an hour and a half. Has several customers in our close.

US Seagull

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Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
I'm complaining that some chancers wish to charge £35 for the same job, which still takes only a couple of minutes.
It might be a "I really don't want the job" quote?

Decided its not worth their time, maybe you are far outside their usual territory, so they quote you something stupid. If you reject it, they didn't want to do it anyway. If you accept it, they'll happily make bank.


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Jan 3, 2012
No, apparently trifold means it opens sideways and up and down.
I’m confused now. Our builder called it a trifold, but maybe because we did. Then someone else has said bi-fold means it is three panel so folds twice, which makes sense.
the main thing is it does what it’s supposed to do and we like it!

Paulie Gualtieri

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May 8, 2018
Against my wishes, we used a window cleaner for a long time. He kept increasing the charge by a neat fiver, then one day increased it by £15 because he’d acquired the water tank in his van and brush on a pole system, intimating it was to our advantage. WTF, his time was reduced, whilst upstairs windows and frames weren’t as clean as before.

I reduced his visits to bi-monthly and thankfully he never came back after the lockdowns.
I stopped using a guy once he introduced the telescopic brush and tank as the windows when dried were streaky. He told me it’s impossible as the water was filtered! 🤣🤣🤣

New guy is old school ladder and bucket and much more effective., accepts bank transfer as well (which is a rarity!) Should add that filter man also told me once he couldn’t supply me his bank details to pay because of security advice from his bank!

Paulie Gualtieri

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May 8, 2018
Come on kids hasn't even been registered yet, and it's not even if you have to go out in the cold and clean the bloody things. Just sit in your bedroom, knock up a website and with a couple of spreadsheets sign up a few streets. Send a few e-mails and texts, bit of commission and Bob's your Auntie's live in lover.

What's happened to Britain's entrepreneurial spirit ? (Don't answer, it was rhetorical :wink:)
Sounds like a right pane to set up

The Optimist

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Apr 6, 2008
I need to dig out our annual service charge summary and see what we pay for window cleaning. On one hand they have to abseil down the building, on the other hand they get a contract for an entire estate with probably 1000 or so flats.

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