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[Albion] The "Potter doesnt play with wingers" myth

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May 3, 2012
I agree. I used to love players like Peter Barnes, Laurie Cunningham, Dennis Teuart, Gordon Hill, Tony Galvin, Peter Marinello and John Robertson. It was a joy to watch every time those players got on the ball

Don't forget Steve Penney & Gerry Ryan.


May 13, 2019
Alternatively, if you are describing a winger as any old random player who is out wide then I can see why you think everyone including GP plays with wingers.

Yes. Most teams play with wingers. Its not like its some obscure thought, its pretty established. Search on Google for Trossard winger and you'll be surprised how many who percieves him as a winger despite not being the exact carbon copy of Ryan Giggs.

Peter Grummit

Oct 13, 2004
The heat maps prove little in my view because:
1. Space on a football pitch is out wide, therefore the ball spends a good deal of time in those areas
2. None of those players was a regular starter last season

Solly is closest to being a winger. He played the least of those 3. If we are using traditional positions, then both Gross and Trossard are inside forwards in my view.

Ali J is the most 'winger' at the club from what we have seen of him, although I accept he can play other roles. He has hardly played at all.

Potterball is fundamentally based on passing, not dribbling. Wingers primarily dribble rather than pass. Knocky can be a marvellously entertaining dribbler but I think we are all agreed much, much more effective against Championship defenders. Knocky was sold because under Potter he would have played only a bit part.

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Dec 11, 2009
Hardly any premier league clubs play with 2 wingers on the pitch and it has been moving in that direction for about a decade maybe more.

If you refer to the league table and look through the sides only 1 team in the top 10 play with wingers

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