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[Politics] The French show the Brits how it is done


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Jan 7, 2010
Gods country fortnightly
Whilst I like the way the French don't take shit on many things (they wouldn't tolerate a lot of whats going on here in terms of loss of freedoms), on pensions Macron made it pretty clear of what he wanted to do before he secured a second term.

Close to 16% GDP on pension is unsustainable, does the country want a credit downgrade? UK by comparison is around 6%. Important to remember only 11 years ago for many the pension age in France was reduced not increased.



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Sep 4, 2011
Personally I'd have no problems with XR et al using the same tactics. We're soft in this country. Loved the number of burnt out speed cameras I saw during the yellow jacket protests.
  1. Burning rubbish, tyres, speed cameras, buildings etc etc.........not very environmentally friendly.​
  2. Will no one think of the asthmatic children who might have to breath the added toxins and smoke in the atmosphere.​
  3. (See previous arguments regarding flares and smoke bombs).​

  4. ps . dont press the ordered list function out of curiosity to see what happens when posting​

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