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[News] The ‘Coolest’ person you ever met in the flesh?

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Dec 17, 2008
Probably Nelson Mandela, a very pleasant and relaxed man. On the contrary, David Gedge, a bit of a knob, filed under don't meet your heroes.


Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
All I know about Moss, is he had to be in every photo opportunity, could he have been getting another publicity shot?

Ps how much was it the car or your lad in winning that race.:lolol:

We both built it, he practiced like hell over the summer holidays. No cheating, he won it fair and square on merit.

Funny you mention it though as cars have/had been modified and after the first few years, professional prep, special wheel bearings etc . . . we know of kids getting personal trainers over the summer holidays!

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