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[News] The ‘Coolest’ person you ever met in the flesh?

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Lenny Rider

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2010
During this heatwave a bit of light relief.

In person, who’s the ultimate definition of ‘cool’ you’ve met in your life?

I will kick off with a funeral in Arundel in 1998, which was attended by the late Peter O’Toole.

He’d previously turned up at the Church a week early by mistake and merely said to the Lady Churchwarden “No worries young lady, I’ve never been to Arundel so I will go for a stroll, and see you in a weeks time”

At the service by then 66, and clearly having knocked the a*** out of life, he looked immaculate, his suit clearly from Saville Row, at the end of the service once out of the Church he lit up a Gauloise Cigarette with an old fashioned cigarette holder, there must have been 300 people there but he just stuck out.

The family, thespians themselves, introduced me to him the graveside and I got to shake his hand.

A real Gentleman and IMHO the definition of cool.


May 13, 2019

This guy.

He's a Swede but wandering the planet all year every year. Any kind of bohemian or grassroots event and he'll be there - cooking, cleaning, repairing things, playing music, taking care of people who are too drunk, always super mega friendly (without being full of himself, which is quite common among these kinds of people) and has this almost eerie ability of showing up anywhere at any time... I've randomly met him three times abroad. Sure, he is like 2 meters tall, smokes a long arse pipe and is highly visible but still. Great guy.


Je Suis Rhino
Apr 25, 2009
That afternoon in the VIP suite at Heathrow when I met Usain Bolt, Brad Pitt and the Dalai Lama within an hour.

Sounds like the set up to a joke…


Super Moderator
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 5, 2003
West Sussex
I've never met him, but Scott Parker was wearing a collared shirt buttoned up, a tie and a cardigan on the touchline yesterday.

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