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[Albion] So, what’s your Albion mojo?

All very meh. Honestly didn't get Potter when he joined, was on the fence leaning out for the first year, sat in the middle the 2nd but slowly saw what he was doing and how he brings the best out of us. It would be a huge shame to loose him now when things are looking like they're clicking.

We just need to give the next guy this level of time to bed in the ideas, is what I learnt watching Potter because it certainly didn't happen quickly for him. And be realistic about the level where we are, which almost certainly isn't 4th given the lack of proven back up for Welbz, maybe isn't even 9th now that the new guy has to get his ideas across to the players. Anything keeping us out of trouble this season even if it's bottom half would be good under the circumstances, then spend the big transfer money we have well -- and charge up the table again after that. That'll all be exciting


Feb 23, 2009
Preston Park
Albion mojo/football mojo?

AliMac’s disallowed goal was an epiphany. The ultimate joy killer despite a hiding given to the last great ‘romantic’ side of British football. Then Potter ****s off to Chelsea. Another nail driven into the heart of football romanticism. Beat plucky and I might perk up a bit:lolol:


Sep 28, 2011
On the floor tbh.

First time in decades we were starting to pull clear of Palace.
It now feels like we're playing catch up again.

Big Decisions for Tony and Barbs (assuming Boehly hasn't already tapped him up)
We could be back to Pre-Hughton levels with the wrong coaching team appointed..
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