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[Albion] So, what’s your Albion mojo?

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Feb 22, 2014
don;t worry guys we have bloom the poker master who is in control of everything that moves.

he wouldn't dream of letting 3 top players leave, our highly rated director of football leave, our manager leave, the entire back room team leave..........without it all being part of his plans.

Hopefully the last few months will help people to realise that putting bloom up on this pedestal isn't the right approach.
What on earth is your beef with Tony Bloom? Always sniping away like some abandoned lover.

Hugo Rune

Feb 23, 2012

The Potter shots were like a series of bullets to the body. I’m rolling about on the deck slowly losing my life when Bruno leans over and places a gun to my forehead. My eyes peer up at the barrel and then. Bang.


Apr 12, 2010
First game August 1970, division 3 Torquay 0-0. From memory we have had Freddie Goodwin, Pat Saward, Brian Clough, Peter Taylor, Alan Mullery, Mike Bailey, Jimmy Melia, Chris Catlin, Barry Lloyd, Liam Brady, Jimmy Case, Steve Gritt, Brian Horton, Jeff Wood, Mickey Adams, Peter Taylor, Martin & Bob, Steve Coppell, Mark McGhee, Dean Wilkins, Mickey Adams, Russell Slade, Gus Poyet, Oscar Garcia, Sami Hypia, Chris Hughton, Graham Potter. They come, they go. We move on


Gus-ambivalent User
Mar 5, 2009
about 5/10

we've been through a lot worse and come out on top (ish)

Trust in Uncle Tony


Oct 1, 2017
My mojo with albion and football in general is very low. Just read that GP, a man I thought full of integrity, said 'I am incredibly proud and excited to represent Chelsea FC, this fantastic football club' about what the wider football world all but agrees is one of the scummiest clubs out there in terms of who runs it, how it's run, and its fans. I know he has to say shit like that, but fukking bolox to it

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