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[News] Rooftop Police snipers

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Aug 22, 2012


Tom Hark Preston Park

Lost to the vultures
Jul 6, 2003
Went on for a few hours, absolutely loads of police cars and fire trucks basically surrounding the Amex building area. All clear now………barefoot guy with a rucksack was apparently wandering around saluting people

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Loving the comment under the photo "good grief - that's unbelievable. Look at all the weeds, someone really should do something about that :lolol:

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
Didn't know that, good on him!

He's a good chap is Peter. As [MENTION=5208]drew[/MENTION] said, he did some really good work exposing the previous council.


Andrew Milles Barrett or what ever his name is, certainly wasn’t a fan!

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