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Roger Moore has died


living vicariously
Aug 8, 2005
Leeds - but not the dirty bit
Seems it's turning into 2016 all over again.

Hate to tell you but every year is going to be the same from now on. Many more celebrities, film and pop stars than there were before all of a certain age and next year more will replace them. Sad.


Sanity Clause
May 5, 2008
RIP Roger, a true gent.


Well-known member
Feb 26, 2009
I still enjoy watching the Persuaders and the theme tune brings back lots of memories of my younger days.
RIP Roger.

Albion my Albion

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NSC Patron
Feb 6, 2016
Indiana, USA


Languidly Clinical
Oct 1, 2006
I liked Bond, but Sean Connery was the epitome for me.

Much debate about who was the best Bond but Roger Moore had the best Bond films. Connery has Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever, both of which are good but not as good as Spy Why Loved Me, Man With the Golden Gun, Live and Let Die.

RIP Roger Moore, a man who truly loved Sussex.

Hugo Rune

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Feb 23, 2012
The way Bond (Moore) managed to manipulate the situation of murdering Agent XXX's boyfriend but then later bedding her in The Spy Who Loved Me taught me everything I needed to know about charming women!

On a serious note - RIP. A great character and brilliant life.

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