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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game


Oct 30, 2010
BC, Canada
All BHA supporters should give him a lot of respect, mostly for last season which was magnificent.

Though, there still is no denying that in bits and pieces of this season, he has been rather a princess at times.

All the best for both parties, and in some strange way, I’m moreso looking forward to next season now, a fresh start.

smillie's garden

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Aug 11, 2003
I feel quite sad about this, but I'm not surprised. I hope most fans give him a good send off tomorrow, remembering that he presided over two of the greatest seasons in the club's history.

Like it or not, this is the Albion way under Bloom. A coach is not going to get massive stars on big wages to work with: he will have to develop young talent. As with this type of player, Brighton is perhaps a stepping stone for relatively unproven managers to bring their ideas to the biggest league in football.
Sustainability, of course, is Bloom's watchword with BHA, and as supporters we have to respect that, even if it seems "one step back" occasionally.

I'm almost certain that TB will want a loud show of respect for Roberto, so attendees should, imo, stay after the final whistle and belt out the RDZ songs one more time.


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Jul 8, 2022
Didn't want him to go, as such, but really not bothered either.

Plenty of negatives. He couldn't get a tune out of the depleted team, so moaned rather than adapt. Also tactically naive (see Roma).

Devised one (brilliant) system, but that's not enough.

I'm the same actually. Thought I'd have a strong reaction but was actually a bit Shruggie Otis.

Think all parties have done well to get it all done quickly so we cam move on and get ready for next season. We really have an excellent young team that just needs a few key additions.

Plus sides for De Zerbi. A really galvanising macho aggressive force that brought everyone together when Potter did one. Played some beautiful football at times, albeit with potentially a once in a lifetime combination of players. Still though from the 'stop faffing at the back' days, to winning everyone over with his style of play.

On the flipside, looked increasingly unhappy this season. Wonder if he's a bit of a home merchant. Reckon he'll be back in Italy.

Seemed to start complaining and blaming everyone else the second there was a rough patch. Really could have done without having a pop at the club constantly. I think my bond with him was broken a bit terminally at that point. He's such a dominant personality he seemed to drag the players down with him for a while.

Made plenty of mistakes himself (this is the one small thing that made me slightly surprised he's going this season to he honest as I thought he'd want a go at rectifying it and landing a biflg job next year). Genuinely seemed to become paralysed by the keeper rotation and over rotation at the start of the season. His tactical inflexibility really showing when Injuries meant his usual approach would t work so we just became a slow, predictable, diametric passing machine.

In short - he was here for a good time not a long time and I enjoyed it while it lasted but not overly crushed he's going. He may well go on and win everything, but there's just as much chance he may look back at his time here and realise this was his best of times.
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Jul 23, 2003
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Having said all of that, the renewing of Welbz and Milner’s contracts hailed as key to next season by RDZ does suggest the squeaky wheels came off sonewhat abruptly… which is a bit odd ?!?

Hey ho, he’s gone we move on after tomorrow.
No one on here leaked it like last time and I’m pretty sure it will have come as a shock to the players.


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Apr 23, 2010
Feck, what a surprise, but maybe shouldn't be! Remember Hughton and that call and being surprised then too, but maybe shouldn't have been.

Bloom has got big balls, and so far they have always proved right.


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Nov 15, 2006
His behaviour over the last month or so made this a very likely scenario imo. In fact I called it on the “does he want to stay thread” earlier today. Shame but you don’t hold a gun in public to TB’s head

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