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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game


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Aug 7, 2011
Ghent, Belgium
It was good while it lasted, the stacking up of injuries seemed to sap his enthusiasm and he's too ambitious to have patience.
I'm sure that in the hands of Tony and Paul we'll stay healthy for years to come with the occasional high point.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
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Apr 5, 2014
Sad, but sensible giving time for a replacement to be found and step in. If you don’t like Tony’s way, time for the highway.
This with a blue and white scarf on.

He's been very good for us, building on Potter's work.

But he's been so gobby since things haven't been so good and need to reign in it or walk. He's a managing journeyman, us and Tony are here permanently.

I believe that the downturn in form has links to his constant witterings about this and that.
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Don't Push me
Jul 8, 2003
I still maintain that something big happened behind the scenes back in Feb after the Wolves game. That when everything went bandy. Interesting that’s the player liaison office is also ‘retiring’ and didn’t look that happy about it at the awards. Lallanas strange interview and subsequent leaving.

Big changes in the club incoming.


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Feb 28, 2008
Tunbridge Wells
The second he started to believe his own press, this was inevitable. People will always look at RDZ with rose tinted glasses. But the truth is he inherited a great team, he was very lucky in that respect. The keeper switching, The naive approach to Roma away, Letting Undav leave, the horrific injuries, Public slatting of Bloom, Ferguson shadow of last season and pretty much piss poor form certainly since Xmas.....Although his style was a breath of fresh air and certainly the best football, i've ever seen in my 45+ years of following the Albion. I think he is a bit of a one trick pony and however good that trick maybe. It's only a matter of time before, its stops working and it has to a certain extent.


'The' Yaztromo
For me this is best for all parties. Roberto has been flat for months, performances have dropped off with it, something has been off…

The fans forum was a bit odd, as it seemed that perhaps talks had offset the above and a pragmatic future beckoned… but maybe RDZ thought again and decided he’s no pragmatist ! lol … that and he wanted a free hand to return home and/or manage a club like Bayern.

We’d also been found out and he was having to alter his beloved tactical disposition to suit the squad, again too pragmatic for Roberto…

Having said all of that, the renewing of Welbz and Milner’s contracts hailed as key to next season by RDZ does suggest the squeaky wheels came off sonewhat abruptly… which is a bit odd ?!?

Hey ho, he’s gone we move on after tomorrow.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
Shameful by the club, whose limitations of ambition have been fully exposed by RDZ. Buy cheap, give the fans two seasons entertainment, sell on at a stonking profit. Rinse, repeat, rejoice at the operating profit. Hurrah! (said nobody other than an accountant ever)

You paying Tony back his hundreds of millions and losses in funding a better team, or do we need a whip round tomorrow ?


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Oct 31, 2011
We played some great football under RDZ. Going back to about October last year, I went into every game thinking we’d score and had a decent chance of winning, no matter the opposition.

Since the turn of the year our form has been abysmal and his general demeanour has been pessimistic. Negativity breeds negativity.

I’m not upset that he’s going at all. It was king of expected and he’s never stayed too long at any club he’s been at.

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