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[Albion] Premier League 30/8-1/9/22


Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
That serves Newcastle right for their time wasting. 7th minute of 5 minutes injury time.

Newcastle must be the most unfit team in the league given how many players suffer from crap when under pressure.
I am have been imaging it, but it looked like Smug Eddie was wiping away the tears at the end of the game.

Jim in the West

Sep 13, 2003
Way out West
Funny how Forest, who are apparently doing fantastically, have the same points as Bournemouth (who are apparently a lost cause). And, tbh, Forest’s fixtures to date were a tad easier.


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Except he wasn’t injured! Newcastle were at it the whole game. Well done to the ref on this occasion for not letting them get away with running down the clock! The bar codes were rightly punished!

He didn’t even deny it in his post match interview, attributing the episodes of ‘cramp’ throughout the last 65 minutes of the game on “it’s been a physically tough start to the season for the players.

Whether it be Warnock, Pulis or Howe, brilliant just this once to see time wasting and stop-start football not pay.

Green Cross Code Man

Wunt be druv
Mar 30, 2006
Yes, however we'd be quite happy if we did the same and bemoan the extra 2 minutes or so added on when it happened to us.

Please don't include me in that 'we'. I don't object to Fulham's tactics against us which mostly involved shutting the game down through throw ins in the corner, but I do object to faking injury and the many sudden instances of 'cramp' when a side is struggling to hold on. Surely it can't have missed the authorities attention that the team chasing a draw or win never seems to suffer these kind of happenings?

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