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[Albion] Premier League 14-16/12/21

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Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
Eh…no thanks I’d rather teams played with 11 most of the time

problem is when team A is happy to take 4-5 yellows to stop team b playing. Team b don't get any benefit from those yellows though some other teams might further down the line when Team a loses player to suspension. Also it might stop some of the reds . I agree I would rather see 11 v 11 but also I don't like cheats .


PROD with the PROD
Oct 17, 2008
Fantastic. Keeps Newcastle down there. If we can isolate Norwich and Newcastle, that's two relegation spots we don't have to worry about.

Shame Chelsea couldn't stuff Everton, but we are still a point ahead with a game in hand. I know they are under-performing, but in the past five seasons they have spent over £500m in transfer fees alone. Compared to our £202m. They have a top manager, and the likes of James, Richarlison and Pickford's wages could basically pay our entire starting eleven.

That and their world class coach, Benitez.

Just a bit of perspective, to cheer myself up :)

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