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[Albion] Premier League 14-16/12/21


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
All fixtures live on BT Sport...

Brentford v Manchester United (19:30)
Norwich City v Aston Villa (19:45)
Manchester City v Leeds United (20:00)

Brighton & Hove Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers (19:30)
Burnley v Watford(19:30)
Crystal Palace v Southampton (19:30)
Arsenal v West Ham United (20:00)

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur (19:30)
Chelsea v Everton (19:45)
Liverpool v Newcastle United (20:00)

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 10.03.05.png

Barrow Boy

Nov 2, 2007
I'm not arguing as I've got BT Sports, but how are they able to show 10 fixtures live over 3 days, bit out of the ordinary isn't it?


Sep 28, 2011
Very annoyed at Everton failing to extend Palace's losing run.
They are just one point behind us again and a winnable home game next up.

We're going to need a top performance on Wednesday to keep them below us.


Jun 27, 2012
I'm not arguing as I've got BT Sports, but how are they able to show 10 fixtures live over 3 days, bit out of the ordinary isn't it?

the PL rights are sold in 4/5 blocks (to try and maximise revenue) . although they rolled over the contract last time with the value of the contract being flat for another 3 years (nearly £5bn)

They are mostly Friday nights, Saturday lunchtime, Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday with the occasional midweek games especially at Christmas.
its to give some broadcasters the chance to just buy up the rights to a few games or one block (so as to encourage new entrants like the streamers - thus Amazon in 2018)
Some of these blocks - only several a season are all 10 games on a PL matchday or week - eg: Amazon Prime have several of these (20 games a season i think) , they had one a couple of weeks ago and i think they have the post Xmas midweek slot (eg: when Brighton are away to Chelsea) . BT have one - this week.

Sky have the biggest chunk or blocks - 128 games mostly on Saturday night and Sunday. BT have a few - 52 which are mostly on Saturday lunchtime and (this block).
Amazon have just a couple of those all ten games slots and BBC just have the highlights - MOTD on BBC ONE and iPlayer . Sky have the Youtube highlights.

Last year - as grounds were shut - it was carved out so all of the partners (Sky, BT, Amazon and the BBC all had some live games as there was a need to make all the games available - even 3pm kick offs)
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Not awoke
Feb 3, 2008
Premier league games Dec 14th/15th/16th

Boz must have gone awol….anyway not a replication of his magnificent threads.

Man City 2 up after quarter of an hour …Leeds could be on a thrashing here

Other game Norwich 0 Gerrard’s Villa 0 currently

Oops ..just seen the one he started yesterday :facepalm:


A different kind of pasty
Jul 5, 2003
West, West, West Sussex
I just don't understand Norwich. How can a side that have now twice been promoted as Champions, with points to spare, suddenly turn shitehouse the moment they get into the Premier League. :shrug:

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