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[Football] Peanut Butter,how do you like it and what with ?

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Dec 13, 2015
I've recently been introduced to peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches.

I also now only buy 100% peanut butter such as this from Aldi. Only £1.25 and the only ingredient is peanuts.


Aug 10, 2012
The Black Country
Crunchy. On a spoon :)

On on toast with jam :drool:

Or with dark chocolate

In a smoothie

In porridge

Pretty much most things really :)

Best pre-exercise food for me is peanut butter and banana on toast. Great fuel for a long run
strange thread but i'll bite! (pun intented.). Peanut butter AND BEETROOT SANDWICHES. The dryness of the PB is complimented by the wetness of the beetroot. Nice soggy bread...lovely
oh and if that didnt gross you out, my old man has them and dunks them in his cup of coffee :wozza:


Aug 22, 2012
On buttery toast.
My Mrs takes a peanut butter sandwich to work every day. No butter on the bread though, just wrong.

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