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[Other Sport] NSC 6 Nations 2023 Competition

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Jun 14, 2013
Back in Sussex
Welcome to the NSC 6 Nations 2023 Competition

The 6 Nations rugby starts next weekend and here is the annual opportunity to show how brilliant you are at forecasting the outcome of every match.

Predict the outcome of each match by points margin.

Every point you are wrong by will score 1 point against you.

Winner will be the lowest score, as in golf.

e.g. predict England to beat France by 8 points

Outcome - England win by 3 points, your score will be +5

Outcome - France win by 3 points, your score will be +11

Miss a game your score will be +25

Miss 3 games and you are out!

Previous winners:

2015 Simster +140

2016 Pavillionaire +103

2017 crodonilson +149

2018 Petee +126

2019 Questions +126

2020 Durlston + 122

2021 Pavillionaire + 152

2022 keaton + 118

The first weekend of fixtures are:

Wales v Ireland, Saturday 14:15

England v Scotland, Saturday 16:45

Italy v France, Sunday 15:00
You need to post your predictions before 14:14 on Saturday 4th February.

Paxton Dazo

Up The Spurs.
Mar 11, 2007
Wales v Ireland - Ireland by 4
England v Scotland - England by 12
Italy v France - France by 24

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