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[Other Sport] NSC 6 Nations 2023 Competition


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Apr 5, 2014
It’s rugby, people get hurt. FACT. I take your points though.
Oh yes, Having watched it a few times it is a rugby incident. I think the problem is that World Rugby have stepped up their mission against injuries, especially head injuries. It seems from the dialogue that the TMO tells Peyper that Steward made no effort to withdraw. In that case he has to go. I can't really say much into it except that I would have felt hard done by as it would have been difficult to pull away.

I do agree with World Rugby that more has to be done. But there does seem to be a few babies missing from the bathwater.

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Jul 5, 2003
Sorry @Brighton Lines but this ref is a see you next Tuesday. Bloody biased Saffer. I know you hate me calling out refs :lolol:

Very harsh sending off has ruined the game

edit and now the Saffer gives a yellow when it was just a penalty, Hate it when we have South Africans reffing England games, hiding to nothing.

Well done Ireland but you did have a leg up from the ref :angry:
Ref pulled for an incorrect decision, red card instead of a yellow, which totally ruined the game, the biased Saffer :angry:




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Jul 7, 2003
My shit or bust didn’t work, despite being moments away from an Italy victory.


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May 25, 2007
You should have watched Rugby League as I did in the 1980's & 1990's when I was oop north. Forearm smashes and clothesline tackles every game. Watched Widnes (my local side) when they signed Jonathan Davies from Union. He gave up carrying the ball pretty quickly and started to kick to touch instead.

A great era for RL, went to watch Wigan one weekend with Henry Paul, Jason Robinson, Shaun Edwards, Martin Offiah, Andy Farrell, Scott Quinnell and Va’aiga Tuigamala playing for them. Can't remember who they played but they got thumped. All of the above played in the 1996 Middlesex 7's when Wigan were invited and promptly took apart all of the Union Teams, winning the final vs. Saracens. I wonder what Edwards and Farrell are doing these days?
If you want to see the difference between professional (RL) and amateur (RU) in those days all of the 1996 Middlesex 7's games are available on YouTube.

Swing Low soon got silenced. :lolol:

EDIT Apologies it was Wasps not Saracens they stuffed in the final, watching future England captain Dallaglio getting an attempted tackle shrugged off by Inga the Winger is worth watching!

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