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[Music] Music from the Netherlands


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Aug 29, 2023
Alquin and Kayak were both half-decent progrock contemporaries of Focus back in the 70s. Radio Caroline used to play them both a lot.

The Ex are the best of the long-standing stalwarts.

The local scene is currently as good as I can remember it in my 30+ years here. There are a growing number of decent bands around at this moment: Tramhaus, Personal Trainer, Marathon & SØWT, to name but a few...
Thanks, I'll check them out!


Aug 5, 2003
The democratic and free EU
A few minutes of high culture from the lowlands.
Basically Andre van duin has very big cauliflowers.

André van Duin is a national treasure.

And yes, totally and uttterly unfunny.


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Aug 22, 2012
I've listened to Dutch hardcore since I was about 11 (now 45) and it's gradually got harder over the years. Some absolute bangers out there.
Not everyone's cup of tea but it's pretty much all I listen to, can't imagine my life without hardcore.
As an example, have a listen to Equal2 - Krunk.



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Apr 21, 2017
I could only think of 2 Unlimited or a very loose honourable mention for the Van der Valk theme tune:

The Belgians do seem to claim the origins of the Smurfs though.

Funnily enough when I was in Lille for the rugby in a restaurant, they played Plastic Bertrand, which is about the only French hit I could instantly think of, even though he of course was Belgian too! The waitress was highly amused by our ooh - ooh - ooh - ooh when the chorus came up!

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