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[Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

Eric the meek

Fiveways Wilf
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Aug 24, 2020
I don't know what the answer is. Perhaps it lies in one or more of the posts above.

Holding a player to his contract would be a bold move. As Barber has previously said, we are not a prison. But on the face of it, it sounds quite reasonable.
A player will have signed it of his own free will. Therefore, he should be expected to keep to the contract he agreed.


Mar 13, 2013
We all knew he was going, but thought not until the summer. Who have we got out on loan who plays in this position?
I know there is one or maybe two, but can't remember.


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Jul 5, 2003
Could not train on Saturday? I know English isn't his first language but it is only just gone 10am when the team turns up for training and that was posted last night.
His post - and the fact he seems to parrot whatever agents want him to say - suggests Moises intended to skip training and he put it out there prematurely. Perhaps Albion guessed it would be the agents’ next step and spiked their guns by telling him to stay away anyway. Or perhaps they’re saying they did - which would be a clever way of spinning it round.

On the eve of a big match, I tend to think Albion’s version is true but Romano may also have been correct about Caicedo’s intention.


I gotta admit that I`m a little bit confused
Dec 8, 2020
I don’t blame the agents. Just doing their job. Responsibility lies with the player and it’s too easy to give him an easy ride.
Seriously ? , you call what agents do "a job" , look at the current shitshow surrounding MC and BHAFC at the moment , then take the agent out of the scenario and you are left with a very different picture .


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Dec 21, 2011
See Trossard and Cucurella - As soon as a player effectively downs tools - which seems Caicedo has done if he hasn’t turned up for training today - it’s only a matter of time before they are off regardless of contract length. Normally a short period of time too.

We could of course just keep turning down bids. We won’t though.
Our only game before Tuesday, when the transfer window closes, is an FA Cup game that, given Ali Mac, is banned from the next EPL game, Caicedo was likely to be rested for anyway. If he has 'downed tools' then his timing is as effective as Lemmy's when he stormed off set at 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' after they'd recorded the whole show. Its a repeat of City and Cucu. Arsenal wouldn't be playing these games if they could afford the asking price. Their next bid will still be derisory and will be rejected out of hand. He'll be back at work after Tuesday and the bidding will begin again in the summer.
If he waits for the summer both clubs may well have signed other players and he is left with the Manchester clubs or Liverpool, and who wants to live in either of those dumps? Just a thought.
Apparently Man Utd is the dream for most modern Ecuadorians. Antonio Valencia's years there made them the most popular English team in the country.


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Aug 30, 2011
Again, I don't have a problem with RDZ generally speaking but I'm also not one who'd buy scented candles smelling like his farts. The man has flaws like everyone else and his big mouth is not doing the club any favours, imo.
But I think you’d buy ones of potter.

Neville's Breakfast

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May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Seriously ? , you call what agents do "a job" , look at the current shitshow surrounding MC and BHAFC at the moment , then take the agent out of the scenario and you are left with a very different picture .
The agent was employed by the player. He didn’t just magically get involved. You are trying to avoid putting the blame where it actually lies.


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Sep 15, 2004
Hurst Green
Sunday is the FA cup
Sunday is irrelevant. It's the fact that now any club that gets close to the top is cherry picked by the monied clubs to slap them down. Equally it's the so called fans of these clubs see it as an affront if we dare to turn their clubs offers down. Of course there's a pecking order and we have pushed ourselves up towards the top. These fans think we should be happy to exist while they sit in their front rooms watching the next trophy being won.

This year is likely to be one of few in the near future that we, Fulham or Brentford have any chance of a top 6 place, given Liverpool's and Chelsea's current positions. Much like Leicester's title win it was down mainly to the big guns firing blanks for the season. Liverpool, M Utd and the rest at the top will continue to get huge investment. Even Everton are a prime team for investment unless they fall out of the year this season.

I do believe to be successful we will need to blend our young talent (scouted as before) with a few more ready made players, such as the ones we have been linked with recently and be prepared to pay for them both in fees and wages. The issue though is many of these players will show little return on the investment in the end, apart from success on the pitch, maybe!

Mustafa II

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Oct 14, 2022
The more I think about this, the more it seems that the only thing to do is hold firm. We will NOT be forced into selling a key player during a key period, purely because it is being orchestrated by slimey agents and Twitter journos.

Should we give in to these slimey f*** wits, then Caicedo won't be the last... all our top young talents and their agents will eventually force moves out of the club, possibly for lower prices than we expect. We cannot and should not tolerate this.


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Jul 5, 2003
Who's the next man up, Gilmour?
Time for Gilmour to prove his worth but he’s a different type of player I think. Probably screws Mac’s chances of playing in his preferred role as we’ll need his bite deeper in midfield. Ideally him and Gilmour build a partnership I suppose, so Gross can stay at RB. Annoyingly, it makes Trossard’s departure more significant. If Mac can’t play number 10, don’t think we’ve got a proven option when Lallana is out.

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