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[Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.


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Nov 26, 2007
Wolsingham, County Durham
You cannot tap up the player so you tap up the player's agent and agree terms before the selling club agrees to the sale? It was obvious it was done with Potter and presumably Trossard, but how can clubs get away with it?


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Feb 12, 2005
You cannot tap up the player so you tap up the player's agent and agree terms before the selling club agrees to the sale? It was obvious it was done with Potter and presumably Trossard, but how can clubs get away with it?
When Winstanley & Jewell were flying back and forth to South America do you not think they were doing it to the players we were scoutings reps etc ? Everyone does it

The Fits

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Jun 29, 2020
This is a real disappointment. After the Cucu affair it's a bit of a concern. Part of the modern game, yes, but we need to be able to keep players happier for more than a season. Being seen as such a happy stepping stone might not be the best tactic in hindsight. What's the point of contracts?


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Something really smells about this and either he has been hacked or he made the biggest unprofessional statement ever made if football history.
Edu has orchestrated all this. Edu and now Caicedo/his agent have zero interest on ethics or the right way of doing things. Or on BHAFC, or us.

Just tunnel vision for ending a contract at break neck speed.

Welcome to modern football. Imho the genie was let out of the bottle when the weak as dishwater EPL/FA allowed Abramovich to throw any semblance of rules or etiquette out of the window. It’s been an increasing Wild West and money league ever since.


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Oct 24, 2005
Well, this is a bit shit.
I knew this team would not last forever, but thought we’d see January out. Pretty disappointed in Moises, considering where he was 12 months ago and he was obviously going to be off in the summer anyway.
It shows what a cancer agents and these speculative Twitter accounts are to the game.
The club don't have to say yes. Kane wanted to go to City in the summer, but Spurs said no. It happens. And £60m isn't enough IMO.

As many others have said, what is the f***ing point? This has wholly deflated my high from the football club and everything feels pointless.

The frustrating thing is that it's so late on in the window so there is almost no replacement for him. I wonder how De Zerbi is feeling about this news.
I agree and I like to think De Zerbi would tell the club that selling him isn't an option in this window. When De Zerbi was offered the job it would have come with the club making assurances and outlining a plan for investment. Selling top players in January wouldn't have been part of the deal, and if we're just going to sell everyone then De Zerbi is frankly wasting his time here.

And think how demoralising it would be for all the other players. What's the point in them putting in all the effort if they're just going to keep losing key teammates?


Feb 8, 2005
Be interesting to see how the club play this. Can’t stay quiet but what sort of statement do they put out

Surf's Up

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Jul 17, 2011
The Twitter thread is grotesque with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool trolls of clearly limited intellect all begging him to go to their club - it's like some kind of primeval feeding frenzy. I have total faith in TB's ability to manage this ugly situation effectively and it begins with a figure of £100m and may probably mean getting him out of our club with a minimum of delay to whichever of the avaricious, desperate clubs meets the asking price.


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Oct 21, 2005
Surrey Seagull
I feel so deflated right now... Trossard was a big blow, seeing him playing for Arsenal is like seeing your ex with a new partner.

But Caicedo doing this has really pissed me off! I know we have a policy of not standing in a player/Managers way, but I truely feel that the soul is being ripped out of our club.

The so called 'big boys' seem to be able to pillage our club whenever they want to.

How long before De Zerbi has enough of it and heads off into the sunset as well?

I know we have to be a sustainable Clun and selling players for big profit helps massively with this. Still hurts every single time though...

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