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[Albion] Maty Ryan joins Arsenal

portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
Ryan comes across as a player with a big ego, I thought his comments about using the club as a stepping stone were disrespectful, obviously a lot of players may think this but do not say it whilst you are still contracted to the club. Social media is about opinions, there is a load of crap posted as fact. As a professional if you do not like it don’t read it, it is not going to be rosey all the time. The facts show he had lost form, throw your toys out of the Pham and warm your arse at Arsenal if you want. Maty , if your reading this that is my opinion, I don’t need to be told what I can think .

Make no mistake, I respect your opinion even though different to mine. However it’s not a matter of what you can think but what you can express. Think that’s more the point / times we live in now. Sort of a censorship, for fear of situation. ‘‘Twas ever thus really. Question of whether you can afford the lawyers as they say. And money usually talk. Which PL players and clubs have lots of! so be careful what you express on the world wide webby. Not just football, anything really.


Sep 28, 2011

Looking likely that he’ll sign permanently for Arsenal if you believe the Sun (which about 95% of people on here probably don’t).

It’d be nice to get the £8m value quoted on transfermarkt for the lad.

Not impossible that we agreed a loan to buy deal, similar to the Knocky to Fulham deal.

It would be great work if we did.
It would also explain Maty's comments about moving to a bigger club, which seemed premature.

Or could be the Sun making shit up.

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Written two days after Maty was dropped, once again corroborating Maty’s version of events.


It’s another article explaining the decision. He wasn’t dropped solely because of form, it was the attributes Sanchez has, a big commanding keeper (or a monster as GP recently put it). He no longer fitted, same as Glenn, same as Duffy and Knocky. They moved away from the low block, you need a bigger keeper to deal with crosses and set pieces.

The difference with this one was the decision seems pretty ruthless - one day you’re number one, the next you can leave. Once again I will state, I have no issue with the decision, I just don’t think you can blame Ryan for being gutted about it.

I'm pretty sure Sanchez confirmed this himself in the video about him that the club put out a couple of weeks ago. I remember at the time thinking it was very honest, but he said something along the lines of "the gaffer wanted someone who could dominate their box and not be afraid to come out for balls and that's what I bring to the team."

You're right – players come and go and we have to accept that. On a related note, what got me about Ryan's comments was not the whole "Brighton is a stepping stone to a bigger club", it was the fact that he made out he'd been through some terrible ordeal at the club (instead of being a bit shit for a while and then getting dropped) and then compared himself and/or his situation to KdB, Mo Salad and loads of other established PL players at top PL clubs! Talk about a little bit deluded...

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