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[Football] Manuel Sierra


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I've often wondered if the non- Top 6 (now 7) clubs should push for one transfer window (eg the 4 weeks prior to returning for pre-season training) Allow for a larger 1st Team squad if necessary but that's it. Do the NFL have transfers after their Seasonal Draft?


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Feb 23, 2009
What a grubby, nasty little ****. Exploiting talented kids for his own financial gain without a second thought for their wellbeing. The club should absolutely make sure to cut this prick out of any future deals; Moises can honour his contract, or hire someone else and get his move.

You're playing with the wrong people, pendejo.


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Sep 28, 2011
You can see why he wants Moises to move - allegedly would be due 5% of any transfer fee which to my maths is about £3.5m if we had sold him to Arsenal for £70m. One move for a player and he could be set for life.
Back when I was a kid, I seem to remember hearing that 5% went to the player.
Has this just moved over to the agent in the modern era? Seems weird.
I thought this was the "loyalty payment" that players forego, when handing in a transfer request.

My assumption was that the Instagram post was a way of forcing the club's hand, without handing in a transfer request.
Coincidently keeping 10% of whatever that fee is for the agent.


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Jul 2, 2014
I’m sure that we tried to sign Pervis when he was at Watford but he ended up going to Spain. I wonder if this agent had anything to do with it? Far easier for him to have his client in Spain than England.

It looks like Futbol Division stopped looking after Pervis whilst he was on loan at Mallorca. Pervis moved to a larger and more experienced agency based in Andorra (they look after a lot of known Spanish players) who then organised the Villareal transfer from Watford.


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Sep 28, 2011
cockwomble agent moaning that we didnt sell Moises for £70m in January to Arsenal and ruined his dream move - will now be rubbing his hands and getting paid almost double - what a scumbag

Doc Lynam

I hate the Daily Mail
Jun 19, 2011
Agent could be on a bung or Moises is just a massive fan of the Liquidator song. The mood music started to change for Moises after he took this guy on to represent him.

Greg Bobkin

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May 22, 2012

...if true.

That guy doesn't exactly scream 'ITK'. Plus he's not going to be objective on the subject either.


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