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Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
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I have nothing of any genuine value to add to the OP's question, because I am an old fart who still values the feeling of a paperback in my hands.

I appreciate a Kindle is the way forward, but I do a COLOSSAL amount of reading when I'm splayed out on a sunbed next to a pool, whilst often getting terrifically drunk. Therefore, a slightly damp £4.99 paperback left on my towel is certainly preferable to a £130 bit of kit that I would have to keep half an eye on, or remember to take back up to the room following a dreamy afternoon of watered-down all inclusive local beers and Pina Coladas.

I'm willing to be swayed though.


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Thanks..... is it worth the money ?

We have three of them in this house, all used and much loved.

Just need to watch the cost of buying books, so avoid those new releases set at a high price (just the same as with hard copy books).

(I’m the exception, the Luddite who still loves physical books).


Aug 23, 2003
Alhaurin de la Torre
As [MENTION=21158]Weststander[/MENTION] says - Kindle Paperwhite. I had the original Kindle since 2010 but Mrs BS bought me the Paperwhite last Christmas. So much simpler being backlit rather than pulling the night reading light out. Nice and light to carry and coupled with a Kindle Unlimited subscription shared with family does all I need.

lawros left foot

Glory hunting since 1969
Jun 11, 2011
I’ve been reading my second generation kindle for years, but it finally gave up the ghost a couple of months ago. As I have another tablet I didn’t want a kindle fire , so I got a new generation kindle paperwhite off of eBay. 50 quid, so a lot cheaper than from Amazon, and now I’ve got used to it, I love it.
I read a lot , probably a book a week, and Mrs LLF prefers to sleep at night, but is a light sleeper, so I can read til stupid o’clock and I don’t have to have the light on disturbing her.

Suits us both very well.
I also like having over 500 books in the library to dip into any time.


Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
Great items, really like the option to change font size, although my wife seems to have her Kindle on one size down from Braille, so only has about a couple of sentences to a page.
Lots of books available free or for 99p, easy to carry around when out and about, and as others have mentioned easy to read in bed with the backlight so that bedside lights can be turned off.
I wouldn't use it for a coffee table book with lots of glossy photos, but other than that a great investment.
Had mine for 8 years with no problems.


May 8, 2013
I bought a kindle about 10 years ago and didn’t really use it very much but had downloaded quite a few books on it. Then I discovered the kindle app and now read all my books on the iPad.
When I eventually manage to get a flight back to the UK, I can watch a movie, listen to my music, read a book, play sudoku or read NSC all on one device.
The kindle lies dormant in the back of a drawer somewhere!


May 21, 2014
Is a backlit Kindle the official end to a sex life ?

Asking for a friend.

That came after marriage.

I bought a Kindle Fire but found I only used it to read books and it's not great if reading in sunshine. I recently bought the Kindle Paperwhite which is much better for reading outside.

Tight shorts

Dec 29, 2004
I love my back lit kindle. My tip would be to get a decent case as I crushed a previous kindle when I had a cheapo case, but a decent case means it will last a long time.

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