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[Politics] Johnson resigns from parliament

Thunder Bolt

Silly old bat
To be fair he stopped representing his constituents in Uxbridge years ago. 3 votes is it since he ceased being PM ?

He should pay back the MP wages he has falsely been taking.
And pay tax on the millions he’s earned in America.


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Feb 6, 2019
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hart's shirt

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Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai
Be our next Eurovision entrant?
800,000 reasons why the UK entry from 1972 should be covered.

I'm not sure the BBC Chairman will be tuning in though.


Doc Lynam

I hate the Daily Mail
Jun 19, 2011
Not a shred of evidence has been presented he’s saying. Oh by the way I’m going to resign with immediate effect.

Cancel his bloody mockery of the peerage system.

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
I can't wait for the General Election this will now trigger....

... But I guess I'll have too.

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