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[Albion] Joel Veltman signs from Ajax in a 3-year deal

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo

Waxing chumps like candles since ‘75
Oct 4, 2003
More of a right back than centre back.

Played in last seasons Champions League semi final against Spurs as right back. Was on the bench for second leg and came on in second half.


Well-known member
May 17, 2019
Ajax fans rate him.

28 though, seems quite a short term signing. But I guess if we’re going to have a young squad that’s the balance we need.


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
Imagine this conversation 10 years ago.

"Albion have signed a 28yo Dutch international from Ajax."

"Yeah, not sure where he's going to fit in though."

Sorry - wasn't keeping an eye on my emails!

That's a bit out the blue - "he’s also comfortable in possession" - has to signal the end for Duffy, surely.

Usually I miss these sort of emails when they come through. By chance I logged in for no particular reason five minutes before it got announced and saw the press email in the inbox!

Badger Boy

Mr Badger
Jan 28, 2016
Schelotto replacement whilst also covering for the departing Shane Duffy, would be my guess.

Interesting that he's not taken the vacant number 3 shirt he's worn for so log at Ajax. Maybe we have a new left back / left wing back coming in and the number has been promised?

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