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[Albion] Jack Hinshelwood [9/4/24: new deal to 2028]


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Apr 13, 2015
The lad's 18, come through the academy, is the son of a former Brighton player and is Brighton* born and bred.

If ever there was a player a Brighton fan should want to succeed it's Hinshelwood. I'm genuinely shocked to see him criticised so virulently, especially when playing out of position in only his third premier league appearance. Apart from being way too early in his career to be making such concrete judgements we should be far more respectful of the fact that he's a) still a young kid and b)he's one of our own.

*Yes, I know he's technically from Worthing...but he's Brighton in the footballing sense. And geographically worthin is basically Brighton anyway :eek:
Even at Villa Park when in general the team was gash.... Hinsh showed me he had touch and athleticism.... I think he will be a net contributor in future seasons.


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Jul 7, 2003
Jack had his best game for the Albion tonight.

Jimmy Grimble

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Thought he looked more comfortable higher up the pitch. A tiny hint of Lallana about him in his deftness. Hopefully he can get to Lallana’s level, minus the injuries.

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