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[Football] ITV are so pants.

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He's Magic.... You Know
Jan 7, 2006
And yet the Radio Times says ( from about 90 minutes ago ironically ) :

Which TV channel is England v Denmark on?
Fans can tune in to watch the game for free on both BBC One and ITV from 7pm.

i.e. they posted it TODAY over the WEEKEND !

And yet, it shows both games on BBC and only Wednesday on ITV. Do they only up date ITV quicker? I think the simple answer is that it hasn't been confirmed but that Radio Times link is from a couple hours ago so hardly "out of date"



Jul 14, 2014
Could be worse. In Indonesia, your 8pm kick offs are 2am here with pundits like Andy Townsend, Michael Owen and Matt Le Tissier advertising the likes of Poldark as well as 'SUPERSOCCER' being blasted at you. Oh, well, with every match being streamed live and England doing us proud yesterday, no complaints.
Feb 28, 2009
Replace commentators with a lively fan from each side, they would call all the dives the play acting from both sides and we could share in the delight or anguish! They'd know all the players names! Would be FUN!


Nov 11, 2009
I know there’s already a thread. But I’ve digested every highlight and interview I can. And ITV keep saying the last time England scored 4 in a knockout tournament match was 66. Watch a bunch of tinpot wankers.

Everyone knows 4-1 against the Dutch was more recent. I can’t stand itv. Wankers.

Ps it might be coming home.

Nowt wrong with the ITV actual match commentators or the pundits imho, Keane, Viera, Wrighty, De Jong, Souness all pretty decent.

Its Pougatch, he has the personality of a potato, just wooden and mechanical in his questions and answers, no humour, no real passion.... the sooner they bin him off the better


A different kind of pasty
Jul 5, 2003
West, West, West Sussex
Have we won any major games in tournaments on ITV?

I’m sure growing up both BBC and ITV had games at the same time.

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Coincidentally, this appeared in my facebook "memories" thing this morning, Don't know the stats from 2018 onwards though....

Edit - just noticed it only includes World Cups, no Euros

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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
The icing on the cake last night was NOT listening to boring Matterface’s inane waffle. Light hearted crap such as Calvert-Lewin being into fashion, not said once but on repeat.

The BBC duo were surprisingly good in simply talking about the action on front of them. As commentaries used to be.

Dorset Seagull

Once Dolphin, Now Seagull
I can't wait for Ashley Cole's slow motion contributions. Helps ensure excitement doesn't get out of control.

Agree about PooGash. He's a bit of a tit.

Reminds me of a Baddiel and Skinner podcast where they speculated on who would grab the headlines next day if a plane carrying the media circus to a World Cup crashed.

They came up with

Large poo patch found on Mark Pougach

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