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[Football] ITV are so pants.

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Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
I know there’s already a thread. But I’ve digested every highlight and interview I can. And ITV keep saying the last time England scored 4 in a knockout tournament match was 66. Watch a bunch of tinpot wankers.

Everyone knows 4-1 against the Dutch was more recent. I can’t stand itv. Wankers.

Ps it might be coming home.

Have you only just realised how poor ITV footie coverage is? been the same ever since l can remember.

The only reason l would be tempted to tune in, is to listen to the opinions of Ian Wright. For my money by far and away one of our better pundits. A shame he quit the BBC though.


Not awoke
Feb 3, 2008
To be fair the BBC usually get it right - decent ex-players, decent commentators and decent pundits. ITV aren't pants though - they're pants with skidmarks ! Wasn't it the last World Cup where they cut to an advert before the end of play and missed an England goal ?

Deadringers (r4 Friday night) have done a great job over the last couple of weeks in taking the piss out of Shearer Ferdinand and Gary L ..who r miles better than the ITV bunch

Brighton Lines

The Manifestation of Moribund
Apr 5, 2014
In fact, I'm going to say that England have never won a knock-out match in a major championships when the match was shown solely on ITV. I've gone back to 1966 and can't see one.

But we'd never won an opening game or a knock-out match in this tournament before, so time to put that hoodoo to rest!

And Germany, if I'm correct, had never lost a last sixteen tie before.


Todd Warrior
Sep 16, 2005
I can't wait for Ashley Cole's slow motion contributions. Helps ensure excitement doesn't get out of control.

Agree about PooGash. He's a bit of a tit.

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
Again, not correct or up to date. Simple thing to do click on the BBC football pages and anything to do with the game and it states “live coverage on BBC Radio Five Live”

Best you phone Sky then and tell them their EPG is "not correct" or up to date.

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
They’ll be updated from tomorrow morning, they don’t do updates over the weekend :thumbsup:

And yet, it shows both games on BBC and only Wednesday on ITV. Do they only up date ITV quicker? I think the simple answer is that it hasn't been confirmed but that Radio Times link is from a couple hours ago so hardly "out of date"

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
Conflicting information all over the place. Looks like it may be ITV only but odd that a magazine associated with the BBC would get it so wrong.

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