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[Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)


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Apr 9, 2017
Ballarat, Australia
I haven't quite turned it off yet, but its not going at the moment, so it wont be long now YAY. Of course there is a major downside, the snakes are getting much more active and we are packing ourselves about the coming fire season.


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Mar 14, 2013
Done a Frexit, now in London
No, but did spend the day sorting my fire wood supply. Making sure it's dry enough, moving some from long term to short term storage and chopping up some for kindling. Probably will be on in a month or so.


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Since prices rocketed and I became "energy usage aware", I find it incredible that in the winter we use more gas in a day than we use in a whole month in the summer.

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