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[Albion] Happy Christmas to all on NSC

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Feb 6, 2016
Indiana, USA
Nope, if you don’t like or celebrate Christmas this is not the thread for you. I get pissed off that nothing can be said these days without thinking of those that don’t agree. It’s Christmas and we celebrate Christmas, no one should need to apologise for it.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. If you don’t celebrate it maybe you could just leave those that do to enjoy it without expecting us to dumb it down.

FWIW I detest the long build up and hype that surrounds it but once it arrives I bloody love it and so do my family and we celebrate it big time. The kids and grandkids especially, no bugger is gonna spoil that with negativity and PC ness

We don't celebrate Christmas but I can appreciate your point of view. I do enjoy Christmas music but I don't believe in Christ but I have thumbed your post. Keep up the work supporting the figure head of your religion.


Sep 4, 2011
Thanks anyway
But i was thinking more locally for spare chairs. Darlington is a bit of a hike from Sussex on xmas day just to get some seating sorted.

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