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[Music] Gigs that you had tickets for and missed...

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Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
Missed the Sarah Records night at The Green Door store tonight as I had a urinary catheter fitted yesterday and can't negotiate the stairs down from my flat without wincing.

Which is another one to add to the list :(

The Rattler

Jun 30, 2010
Dullsville, Herts
Missed (or more accurately, am about to miss) 'Princess Chelsea' tonight in Dalston. Too skint to get there / to buy a pint. Bit pissed off to be honest.

...on the plus side, I don't have to go to Dalston.


May 6, 2016
“Living in Somerset in the 90’s, a group of us would think nothing of piling into someone’s car and driving to London for gigs and driving home afterwards. It is motorway all the way so was always a fairly easy drive.

We had tickets to see Ornette Coleman at either the Barbican or RFH. We left at our usual time in the afternoon and had a terrible journey but not one where we thought we should give up. Let’s keep going we thought, we might catch the second set. So despite the hold ups we battled on into the city. Anyway, to cut a long story we parked up, ran to the venue and up the stairs to hear riotous cheers and thunderous applause. The venue steward let us in only to see Ornette and his band leave the stage having finished their encore.

A quick drink in the bar and we dragged our sorry arses back to Somerset.

A nice postscript was the venue feeling very sorry for us and gave us our money back.”

Very generous gesture by the venue - can’t think of anywhere that would even consider this now!
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Dec 12, 2011
I had tickets to see Devil Sold His Soul in London the day we played Bristol City final home game of the 16/17 season. It was their 10th year anniversary of A Fragile Hope album with both their old and new vocalist on dual vocals. Missed it in the hope that we would get that final win to be crowned champions...


Justice for the 96...
May 30, 2011
Phil Collins in Paris last year. Had tickets, hotel and flights and planned to make a weekend of it. Tipped up at Gatwick only to find the passport I grabbed for my wife was her old one that unkjown to me she had reported lost and subsequently replaced. It was in date but useless. We'd got through security into the departures hall before we realised, so we suffered the ignomy of being escorted back through to arrivals where she got a lecture from border force for not sending back the old passport. At least they took it off us so that can't happen again...conversation was a little frosty on the train home...


Jun 27, 2012
Oasis at the 100 club in Feb 93 - row with girlfriend (now wife)

Nirvana headlining Reading Festival - 92 - left - too wet.

Half Time Pies

Sep 7, 2003
Left Glastonbury in 1998 early due to the torrential rain and terrible conditions on site. Missed Pulp and Blur amongst others.

Turned up late to a Who gig in Manchester due to delayed trains, arrived in the venue to watch Joe Strummer strum his last cord and walk of stage.

Living in Camden in 2005 and saw that James Brown was playing at the Kentish Town forum less than a mile up the road, fully intended to buy tickets but forgot and he died a few months later, must have been one of his last ever gigs.

Mental Lental

Jul 5, 2003
Shiki-shi, Saitama
I had tickets for Iron Maiden at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday 12th March 2011. We had a little earthquake the day before and obviously the gig was cancelled. Wasn't a big deal at the time as I obviously had other things to worry about. Looking back on it though, that had the potential to be a great gig.

Surf's Up

Jul 17, 2011
I had tickets to see Bahamas at The Haunt after the Leicester game last season. Unfortunately I was trashed and I completely forgot.


I changed this.
Jul 28, 2011
Queens of the Stone Age a few months ago in London.

I'd double booked without realising it and when they took to the stage I was in Glynde at Love Supreme.
Jun 29, 2012
On the Beach
Huey Lewis & the News 15 years ago in London. Our newborn son (also called Huey) refused to feed from a bottle, so we had to miss the show...something his mum repeatedly reminds him of even now!!

Mr Bridger

Sound of the suburbs
Feb 25, 2013
I missed The Struts last September due to a family birthday and also have tickets to Stiff little Fingers next Monday, not sure whether it will be cancelled.
Feb 23, 2009
North of Brighton
Michael Nesmith at Hove Town Hall - He cancelled for no apparent reason.
Ray Davies at The Dome - He cancelled for no apparent reason.
John Oates in London - He cancelled for no apparent reason.


Jul 9, 2003
ZZ Top - last year. Got the wrong date written in my diary and wasted a couple of expensive tickets, otherwise never missed any others that I have booked for although with the virus doing the rounds looks like many of my upcoming gigs in the next couple of months are going to get canned.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
This is quite embarrassing

Section 25 in London 10 year ago
Skinny Puppy, ditto
Rotorsand, ditto,
Mesh, ditto
LeBrock a few weeks ago

There are others.

What can I say?

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