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[Music] Gigs that you had tickets for and missed...

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Jul 20, 2003
My current cystic fibrosis exacerbation once again has claimed a couple of gigs. The treatment is going well and with a following wind I should be discharged at least he said me of the week and in the interim the world cup is a most splendid distraction. Anyway, off the top of my head, over the last 20 odd years I have missed the following gigs which I have had tickets for due to being in hospital/ too ****ed up to get out of bed:

Lush, Stone Roses (Spike island), The Sundays, Mazzy Star, Julee Cruise, Nick Cave, Super Furry Animals (twice), The Pogues, My Bloody Valentine, Julia Holter (twice), British Sea Power, Steve Mason, Kate Bush, Grandaddy and this time Belly and Kristen Hersh.

Damn my shit genes

I've forgotten l loads more, but that's a decent festival line up (if you get rid of The Stone Roses)


Oct 24, 2009
West, West, West Sussex.
Only one so far. Rob Brydon.
Saw Shed Seven play one note before my other half fainted due to the heat. I guess that counts. Added bonus of paying for the train tickets thrown in.


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
A football gig - New Yeas Day 2011 @ Withdean.

I didn't realise the Albion's match had been made early lunchtime, so was busy installing a new desktop PC home, expecting to watch the game at 3.

I missed Albion 5 - 0 Orient. Gutting.

Horton's halftime iceberg

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Jan 9, 2005
A football gig - New Yeas Day 2011 @ Withdean.

I didn't realise the Albion's match had been made early lunchtime, so was busy installing a new desktop PC home, expecting to watch the game at 3.

I missed Albion 5 - 0 Orient. Gutting.

Danny Baker lived across from the 'Old Den' and always talks of the night he missed a match because he forgot it was on

Mr Banana

Tedious chump
Aug 8, 2005
Standing in the way of control
Queens of the Stone Age at the Dome during the halycon days of my illustrious music journalism career. We assumed the PR had put us on the guestlist. They'd sent tickets in the post which turned up the Monday after the gig.

Parquet Courts at The Old Market. Agreed to go on a paid-for holiday. Flights got cancelled, was overjoyed. Then got rearranged and had to hastily, mournfully flog the tickets.

Oasis at Eden Project. One of many casualties of a decade-long on-off farce of a relationship.

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Jul 5, 2003
Pattknull med Haksprut
The Jam's final ever gig at the Brighton Centre. I'd seen them before and my kid sister was a massive fan, so, being a kind brother, I gave her my ticket, and still regret the decision to this day.

bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
Madness at the Brighton Centre when I was about 14 years old.
A few days before the gig my mum gave me some money for a haircut, I came back with a number 1 crew cut. She wasn't impressed and said I wasn't going to see Madness.

big nuts

Jan 15, 2011
Interpol at Brixton. I was on the train up and started looking at their recent gig set lists and realised they had played the night before. Realised at East Croydon so got off the train and went back the other way as quick as I good.

Missed Gomez at Hove Market and DFA 1979 at the Concorde as too done in from the night before.


Staring at the rude boys
May 23, 2009
ELO at the O2 a couple of years back. Cellulitis in my leg mean't I couldn't get there. Gave the tickets to someone on here. A week later I missed the Long Ryders at the Concorde2 for the same reason.

And a few years back I had to flog Chelsea Flower Show tickets as the Mrs was ill.


Jul 5, 2003
Missed Seeing Def Leppard on tour a year before Steve Clark died. Hadn't heard of them at the time so turned down a cheap ticket. Say what you like but I regret that to this day.

lawros left foot

Glory hunting since 1969
Jun 11, 2011
Live Aid, the ship I was serving on was sent to chase a Russian submarine two days before. Van Morrison, twice, more or less the same reason, Ivan playing silly buggers off the Cornish coast.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Rotorsand owing to a sulking (ex)-girlfriend :tantrum:

Section 25
Skinny Puppy

and several others over the last 10 years where I couldn't be bothered with the agro of traveling back to Fav from London late at night. These days for a London gig I book a hotel room


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area

In reverse, at cost, I completely altered a holiday booked for the Med in summer 2011, so that we could make the league Amex opener of Albion v Doncaster.

As Midge Ure would say, no regrets.

I'll never forget day for many reasons. Thank you Will Buckley.


Could have been?
Jul 7, 2003
In a pile of football shirts
Ian Gillan, supported by Girlschool at the Dome, must have been around 1982, I was at boarding school and had managed to get gated for being caught smoking.

Football wise last season I had tickets for OT, Huddersfield Away, Spurs Away and Australia v Honduras in Sydney, and had to miss them all after rupturing my plantaris muscle.


Nov 15, 2008
Not a gig, but I had a ticket for this week's Cineworld Unlimited Cardholders' Secret Screening. I had done a lot of travelling on Monday and Tuesday, so was a little tired on Wednesday and was expecting it to be something like Sicario 2 or Leave No Trace so decided to just have a relaxing evening in. Turns out it was Incredibles 2. Gutted. I now have to wait until it is officially released in the middle of next month.

Jim Van Winkle

Jul 14, 2010
Turns out it was Incredibles 2. Gutted. I now have to wait until it is officially released in the middle of next month.

If you take the baby out of the movie, who I believe goes by ‘Jack-Jack’, it is bang average. I really didn’t get the hype or think it was that great a movie. It makes some lame attempt to be relevant with social commentary about cell phones and our ability not to think for ourselves with today’s saturated media world.

Also, I don’t think it helps that every other movie that gets released is a superhero movie another over used genre of film. Hollywood really needs to up it’s game with movie writing. Anyway, going off on a tangent - if you have kids or grandkids take them. If you’re a single grown adult into football and the WC is on, have a word with yourself.

As for gigs I’ve missed: a Shed 7 gig in Worthing a few years back with a throat infection. I had seen them a decade or so earlier at the Brighton Centre so I was gutted because I am a fan and knew it would have been great.
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