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[Food] First crisp


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Aug 20, 2003


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Jul 28, 2012
First crisps was at a time when only plain crisps were available with a square of grease proof blue paper formed into a bag holding salt to season, if required, as already mentioned by other posters, favourite ‘crisp’ were/are, (if you can manage to locate) spicy tomato wheat crunchy’s, my first encounter with them was in the Baltree pub (or was it the Ball tree ?) Sompting accompanying a wonderful pint of Gales HSB (a beer unequalled in my experience) an evening spent with my neighbours drinking this nectar of the Gods rounded off with a little bottle of Gales barley wine ! Wonderful memories.

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Jul 28, 2003
What else could it possibly be . . . . Still hae the very very faded sticker on my dads snap-on tool box . . . Another prized posession!View attachment 167125
Loved these and yea, probably the winner of this thread. Also come with white football stickers too. 2 bags, and 2 aniseed balls for just 10p.

VALUE! I think these delicious corn snacks made me aware of the very concept of VALUE!


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Oct 18, 2010
Given the ages of most of us, it would be remiss for this discussion not to mention how salt & vinegar used to be blue, with cheese & onion being green.

Then Walkers appeared and ruined everything.
Is the correct answer.


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Jul 7, 2003
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I don't know what my first crisp was, but my mum always had Smiths salt n shake, so they probably featured.

Smiths did actually try the same concept with flavoured crisps for a while - flavour 'n' shake - you got a small sachet of, say, cheese & onion flavouring, to open and sprinkle before giving the packet a shake. I don't think the experiment lasted very long - it was difficult to get an even coating of flavour.

Notable mention to Space Invaders, Burton's Fish n Chips - which had a great vinegary bite and, I recall from my primary school days, Hedgehog Flavour crisps.

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Brighton related crisp fact . . . .

When I got made redundant from Sturtevant engineering ( Moulsecoomb way ) I declined the offer to go to Doncaster with the buyout Co (this was 1994/5, evven then I knew it was a one was ticket) despite a load of 'improved offers' . . . . A year later I was working in the fisher price car park building in Hollingbury, for a packaging company, I was designing/drawing/detailing machines for all sorts of packets . . . Sweets, cereals, all sorts . . . AND . . They also made and ran the machines that did all the little blue sachets of salt. Fascinating to watch. . . . . . . The best machine though . . . . Was the one that put the sachet in the crisp packet, whilst loading it with raw crisps, and then sealing the lot. Fascinating.

I'm of for a lay down now 😂

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