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[Music] Fatboy Slim - Athens


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Jul 5, 2003
There were a lot of people who paid - some up to 50 Euro - for tickets and didn't get in.

The venue know how many tickets they sold. They were letting people pay on the door and therefore should have counted the entrants, leaving space for the ticket holders.

They took the piss, simple as that.

It's a real shame as it looks like it was a cracker.
Unfortunately very predictable I should have warned people before. Greek promotors notoriously dodgy ( primarily because they can get away with it)
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Cotton Socks

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Feb 20, 2017

Thanks for posting that!! 😍
Soooo jealous, if I could've put that on a bucket list of seeing Brighton in a Europa League match & seeing FBS just after, with a load of us it would've been really the top. Now I know it can go together on a bucket list, I'm going to put it on!!! :albion2:

Cotton Socks

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Feb 20, 2017
Now I've watched it,....
Whoever spent 2 hours standing there recording that, let me buy you a pint!! That's a special set you recorded there. However, some of you need to learn to 'dance' more if you're in the vid! It gets a bit slack at points! :lolol:
I have a contender for superhero though!! 1.02 someone has got through with a cap on a bottle! 😮

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