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[Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

Wardy's twin

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Oct 21, 2014
So many seem to be waiting for people in lower tiers or guest windows I suspect initial tickets sales today won’t actually be that high…..real bunfight will start for whatever guest tickets are left after A+ have been allocated.
are you waiting or buying now


You can change this
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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
It wasn't a problem for the Man City semi...do we expect it to be different this time?
I've posted on this before. I can make cases for demand to be lower ("Been there, done it in 2019", cost of living making it unaffordable for some) or higher (We're doing well, good chance of winning, extra fans on the bandwagon) so I have no idea how it will play out.

In short: I have no idea!


WSU Ruffian
Jul 5, 2003
I reckon demand will be higher.........and seen there are loads of STHs planning on waiting for guest tickets. 5/6 April will be a busy day for sales
Yup, I'm waiting for April 5....

....unless it looks like selling out earlier, then I'll ditch the grandchildren!


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Jul 5, 2003
West Sussex
Screen Shot 03-29-23 at 01.47 PM.JPG


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Jan 22, 2010
Back in London
Does anyone know how you check to find out what window your kids can get access? Mine are both Albion+ members but being 7 & 9 haven't been to too many games.


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Mar 23, 2023
Would be interested to know if you get an actual seat map to select a seat, or just click block or even category but they pick the seat for you?
its the same as normal games pick your seat or you can choose "best seat available"


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Apr 21, 2017
its the same as normal games pick your seat or you can choose "best seat available"
But for England games at Wembley you never get a seat map, not in the priority sale at least. You used to be able to phone and request a preference but can’t even do that any more.

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